Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date Leaked By UK Retailer

A retailer in the UK called Base  has potentially leaked the release date of Red Dead Redemption 2 before the official announcement.  The product listing for the game has a release date of September 26th 2017 which is also a Tuesday. The dates match up with the Fall 2017 planned release period and it’s also on a Tuesday when video games are usually released.

We checked if this site was putting up random dates for other pre order titles, but every single game we checked including Days Gone, Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown 3 had a December 31st 2017 placeholder date which means it’s very possible that the retailer has been notified of the release date and has leaked it early.

Here’s a look at the product listing which shows the release date


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  1. Will pick this one up when Xbox Scorpio releases.

    Not sooner or later.

    • You make it sound like that’s the only way to play it……which is most certainly aint!!

      • I just want the premium console experience for a change now that I’ve invested in a 65″ S-UHD.
        I will not settle for less than true 4K, no compromises.

        • You need the PC version then

  2. Doubt it, It has to be delayed at least once for a start(being a Rstar game)

  3. When games are usually released in America. In the UK games are generally released on Fridays.

    • Not true for the major AAA releases. The big titles of the year have worldwide release dates. Later release dates for other countries are becoming rarer.

    • Rstar games have released on Tuesdays in the past in UK

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