Five Xbox One Games That You Need To Play Right Now

It is only March, and yet there have been a ton of great games released already this year.  As papa Vinny might say “there has never been a better time to be a gamer.  We have seen breakout hits in Nintendo’s Zelda:  Breath of the Wild, Guerilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn and PlatinumGames’ Nier Automata.  While you may be looking at your Xbox scratching your head over the lack of exclusive releases, the last few months have been far from quiet in the Xbox realm.  In fact, there have been some amazing games released already for your Xbox.  Allow me to bring a handful to your attention….but with so many to choose from, what number is a good number?  Well I was never very good at math, and since I need at least one hand to type this, all I have left to count are five fingers.  So here it is, 5 Xbox One games you should be playing!

Gears of War 4


Yes that’s right!  As un-shocking as one of the most popular and longest running franchises on Xbox returning for another console generation is, this game actually is fantastic!  SO it wasn’t released in 2017, ok, but hear me out, the developers have been releasing TONS of content for this game since its launch last year, and I think it still deserves a prominent spot on this list.  There is a robust and action-packed campaign that (spoilers) follows the son of the previous games’ protagonist Marcus Fenix and his band of quasi-rebels as the last remnants of human society struggle to survive in a post Locust invasion world.

 But uh oh, a new underground-dwelling bad-guy race has surfaced and the various factions of humanity must work together to fight this new threat!  Ok, so it isn’t the most original set-up, but before it is done you will fight killer robots, gunships, swarms of bad guys and even engineer some defenses to fight off waves of baddies.  Can you say turrets?  But to me, the real draw here is co-op.  There are few things greater in gaming than strategizing defenses with your pals, and watching it all fall apart because your idiot college roommate doesn’t know how to play his class!!!  Ok so maybe that is a bad example, but the fan-favorite horde mode is back with a vengeance!  This time though, you earn points for each wave defeated and can spend them on defensive structures and tools like barb wire and turrets.

 The maps have been smartly designed to provide you and your friends with a huge depth of options and strategies to explore as you fight your way to the top of the leaderboards.  The multiplayer is also here and is as good as ever spinning up a huge e-sports scene and being coupled with the arena and group updates for Xbox One making it easy to set up custom tourneys and contests between you and your friends.  Don’t sleep on this game, and dive back in if you’ve played it already!



AN INDIE GAME!?  I know what you’re thinking, “here goes another self-described games writer slapping us in the face with a game from a ‘struggling artist’” but no!  Well, I mean yes it is indie, and it is early access, but I am mentioning it because it is super-freaking cool!  Hey do you like space?  Hey did you enjoy being able to mold the ground to suit your needs and build elaborate structures in Minecraft?  How about survival games, do you like those?  Well buddy, come on in cuz Astroneer has got what you need!  

DISCLAIMERS abound about it being in early access, but man it is a super chill exploration game where you go deeper into the planet to find rare materials and build research stations, vehicle bays and eventually a rocket ship to blast off and explore another planet!  There isn’t much in the way of combat or objectives right now, but because of the huge positive reception they have received the team has been able to beef up on staff, work space and will no doubt turn this into the next big thing!  For what it is now though, you can have many hours of fun just exploring and expanding your extraterrestrial colony. 

As we take a short break in the article, I had thought about the Xbox One and what games we could play in the future. I think it would be awesome to Play Online Casino Games on Xbox One one day and would give an exclusive advantage over the PS4 as well as bringing back the live game atmosphere which Xbox had previously with 1 Vs 100 the game.

Here’s the final choices for my list of must play Xbox One games.

Forza Horizon 3


This game is gorgeous.  Nothing makes you feel like you are cruising around the beautiful landscapes better than a Forza Horizon game.  The music offers a great variety but there is only one best choice.  Remember the Porsche driving couple in Super Troopers?  Yeah that’s right; electronic!  Kidding aside, the team at Playground has done it again.  This in my mind is the absolute top of the line racing series out this gen, and you have it here on the Xbox (and Windows 10 because Microsoft is extremely generous and allowed you to purchase a game for both at once!)

The car craziness is in full effect in this game, but best of all in my mind is that you get the choice to engage with this game as just an arcade racer, or if you want to tinker with the parts on your car you totally can.  The drop in and drop out multiplayer is also super fun, and includes fun modes like king of the hill on top of the obvious racing pure modes.  You can also create your own races and challenge friends to beat your times on them adding a whole score attack angle to the game.  If you like racers, and you have an Xbox or Windows 10 pc you should absolutely get this game!

Watchdogs 2


I am totally bias here.  Full disclosure I am a cyber security consultant, so it is obvious why I was drawn to this game, but on top of the obvious you add in an open world game like GTA 5 and I am sold!  The real fun in this game comes with the freedom to handle the situations technically.  Sure they have 3d printed guns (wait, you can do that?) but you don’t have to use them.

In fact for an added layer of fun I’d recommend playing the game without using them, just so you can find creative ways to solve the missions.  The story is silly, both on purpose and on accident, but coming off the self-serious nature of the first one, I am totally on board with that.  It is hard sometimes to marry the goofy nature of your band of misfits, with the horrendous acts of murder you can sometimes commit, but that just goes with the territory I suppose.  Really fun game and one you should play.  Also, go out and download Kali Linux.  Seriously, cyber is the future!  HACK THE PLANET!

Battlefield 1


So unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Battlefield 1.  This first person shooter is arguably the best ever put to 0’s and 1’s, and if you are a fan of the genre, or of World War 1, you MUST own this game!  Sprawling battlefields, explosions galore, massive terrain and structure deformation, trucks, jeeps, tanks, planes, zeppelins, battleships, armored trains…..horses….carrier pigeons?  Yup, carrier pigeons.  You play one.  Seriously.  Battlefield games have been awesome for multiplayer for a long time, but often lack in the single player campaign sphere, and usually are generic and forgettable.

 This time however, the Battlefield 1 team broke from tradition and instead of creating one big campaign, they instead created multiple stories from different theaters of the war.  This allows them to do 2 things, create unique and moving stories, and sneakily get you ready for what you will sink hundreds of hours into, multiplayer.  Multiplayer is fantastic…I can go on and on, but there really is something for everyone.  I have a friend who doesn’t have the quickest reaction times for shooters, but he is one hell of a medic and is often at the top of the leader-boards because of it.  One of the best things they have done for this game is make every class and play style viable, and because of that it is very hard to get bored, because you can always just switch to another class.  Get this game!

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  1. Looking forward to playing FH3 one of these days. The demo was awesome!

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