A Look Back At Classic Xbox 360 Video Games Through Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatible

Ever look at your game collection and think “Boy, I’d  like to replay that game again”? But then you never get around to it because so many games come out each month and your backlog just keeps increasing… Eventually time will pass and you’ll even move on to a new console generation. Well, I decided to change my ways and each month I’ll be revisiting one Xbox 360 game I loved.

The first game to cross my mind was Lost Odyssey, a classic JRPG, from the makers of Final Fantasy (something they even boast about on the PAL box). In December, News caught my eye that it was added to the Backwards Compatible list and at the same time it had been made available as a digital purchase. This was big news because physical copies of this game are hard to find in the PAL region. On top of this, Lost Odyssey was known for often having Disc Read Errors. In the end I even had to result to boiling Disc 4! – Yes, that is a thing

To play a Backwards Compatible game on your Xbox One; you have to download and install the full game to your XBO hard drive. Then you need the first disc (which acts as a key) or you need to have purchased it digitally to be able to play it. (Click here for More Info…)

What’s more is that the performance of some games has been greatly improved. The image looks sharper, there could be a better draw distance and gone are the long loading screens (especially so in Lost Odyssey) It seems there are some real benefits to having the improved hardware to play on. A major advantage for me personally, was the ability to stream games to my Windows 10 Laptop while my wife or daughter could use the TV. This was not an option on Xbox360 and is a very feature for a Gaming Dad.

It’s not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows though: Backwards Compatible games can’t be saved to your device’s hard drive, meaning you are forced to save to the cloud. If the service is down or you are without an internet connection: you can’t load or save your file. If you want to continue from your existing Xbox 360 save and it’s not yet saved to the cloud, you’ll also need an Xbox Live Gold membership just to be able to transfer it.

There are still some advantages the XBO platform could bring to the Backwards Compatibility program though:

  • Expand the Gamehub to be similar to XBO games: Give us stats and rankings vs other players. (Time played, lvl of characters, money acquired, n° monsters defeated, etc.)
  • Implement the Achievement progression bar: visually show us how much % we have cleared already (on an XBO game you can for example see that you are at 80% when you’ve killed 800/1000 enemies)
  • Pause and save anywhere: with XBO games you can start another app or even shut down the console and then pick up where you were playing. This would be very welcome, especially for games with long play sessions in between saves (Looking at you, Lost Odyssey).

Recap: the BC program certainly has its merits and is a welcome feature for XBO owners to help breathe a breath of fresh air in their Xbox 360 collection. But there is still room for improvement.

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  1. Doubtful but did the Dark Souls bug on the One get fixed?

    • Which bug was that? I actually only played it as a BC title and didn’t have any issues that i can remember 🙂

      • When I played it right around the time Dark Souls 3 came out the gold serpent ring and the symbol of avarice didn’t work. Humanity was the only way to increase your item drop rate.

        • I didn’t grind for items that much so I must admit I haven’t paid attention to that. though I think I had to use the golden serpent ring once and it worked as expected (this was around october 2016)

        • I’ll test this when I play through the game again for a review

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