Five Insane Sony E3 2017 Predictions That Could Happen For The PS4

E3 is turning up pretty soon and rumour mills are in overdrive! Xbox no doubt will be bringing the Project Scorpio to the floor with a whole host of exclusives (we hope) for all to see. But today, I want to think and imagine, what could Sony bring? Here are my 5 Insane Sony E3 2017 Predictions that could and might happen.

1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Gameplay

Let’s face it, the first one wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. It brought back some good vibes from the films with its competitive multiplayer and was damn right pretty seeing the mountains of Hoth and the deserts of Tatooine on release, but it missed an opportunity to give us a great single player campaign like the original. Maybe this time, exclusive again to the PS4, we see campaign gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront 2 that will get even Darth Vader boogieing in his boots on the Death Star.

2. Death Stranding Gameplay

Kojima Productions new IP, Death Stranding, has been getting a lot of attention since his reveal at last year’s E3. Now according to Death Stranding’s wiki, production has gone into full production this year after the confirmation of Guerrilla Games has donated their game engine ‘Decima’ to the revived game developer. With them going at it, maybe just maybe, we will get a small gameplay video of how they are getting on……….. I mean 30 seconds would do? Right!? Guys?!

3. SOCOM Remastered/Reboot Announced

I did say insane, right? SOCOM & SOCOM II was one of the PS2’s biggest first party titles. Combined selling over 6 million copies. Not only is it one of the most requested on Sony’s #BuildingTheList campaign on Twitter, it pretty much kicked off the PSN for the first time. The game has had a spiritual successor in development by SOF Studios who have created H-Hour: Worlds Elite, which is currently on Steam and plans to be ported to the PS4 are currently on hold. What the SOCOM community are wanting is a fantastic reboot, that will send our inner spec ops selves into meltdown. Fingers crossed they finally listened.

4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Announced

Again, a bit crazy, but highly doubtful. I think Crystal Dynamics made a big boo boo on the previous installment. Giving Rise of the Tomb Raider a year’s exclusivity on Xbox One has damaged its reputation on all platforms when it eventually came out. I don’t think it would be wise to do that again on any platform, especially on its birth platform the PlayStation. I would be really happy to see a tomb diving, treasure finding, mesmerizing Lara Croft announced at Sony’s E3 stage, as a way of apologizing informally. But again, released for all.

5. Last of Us Part II Gameplay and Release Date

We like to have fun here at This Gen Gaming, and when I decided to write this article, this was my top point by a country mile. We saw back in December at PSX, Ellie on the edge of a bed playing the guitar and singing surprisingly well. Blood covers her body, dirt under her finger tips and adrenaline running through her veins. She has been through a lot since we last saw her. Joel appears once more and at the end of that trailer, even now it sends shivers down my spine as we look up from the bodies and blood that covers once lively family home and she mutters the words “I’m gunna find and I’m going to kill every last one of them”. Her stare at the end of the trailer shows emotion like we never seen before from her younger days. This girl now woman has done things no teenager would be asked to do and she has a lot more to do in the future.

I want to see what Naughty Dog has in store for us with the next installment. The Last of Us was a master piece and in some people’s opinions, the best game they have ever played and I can’t fault them for that, it is phenomenal. So, let’s watch Joel and Ellie go through the seas of emotion one more time with gameplay that won’t give too much away, but really infuse us back into their lives and if they have time…… a release date would send that hype train all around the world.

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  1. 4 and 1 will happen. The other’s won’t, just too early…

  2. Damn! I love my PS4 but I can tell you with full certainty that none of those will happen!

    Maybe, just maybe the 4th one (wich is irrelevant for the conference if it doesnt have any exclusive deal).

  3. I’d also like to see digital PS1 classics announced for PS4. Digital PS1 classics are presently cross-buy on EVERY Playstation system capable of connecting to PSN (that’s PSP, Vita, and PS3), EXCEPT the newest (and most powerful) PS4. Hook us up already.

  4. This would be insane to see i would love to have Socom back but i’m now hoping Days Gone will be at E3 hopefully

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