Top 5 Disappointing Game Launches For 8th Gen Consoles So Far

#5 Mass Effect Andromeda

With the recent release of the Mass Effect Andromeda, there have been a lot of talk going around of how bad some of the glitches and this was even before the game was officially released. Now considering that this was suppose to be one of the big name game releases this year, it is disappointing that the game has so many issues. Lots like the Mass Effect team has a lot to fix with this first update from the lack of romance options to weird/goofy animations and other options like customizing characters. The Mass Effect team should take a look of No Man’s Sky and learn from them before it gets too out of hand

#4 No Man’s Sky

Mostly everyone by now has heard of the terrible start to No Man’s Sky. The PR team had put a lot of time into trying to hype this game up only for it to have a bad start. I’m one of the people who had bought the game at launch due to the PR that went into it and they had made it look cool. I admit, I had played it for a few hours but only after then I realized hey what is so special about this game and its not as cool as they made it look. So I hadn’t touched it since the launch of it. To me, this game just lacked the things to keep me interested in the game and it didn’t look like what they had shown in the previews. Now in the last month or so, the game developers came up with an update for the game that came with a whole bunch of new stuff for the game. I have heard a lot of good things about this update but have yet to check it out for myself. Hopefully, the team has learned a lot from the start up and added some stuff to the game to make it better.

#3 Assassin’s Creed Unity

Though I am an Assassin’s Creed fan, I do have to say that Unity has to be on the list. I had gotten the game about 6 months after it came out. Anyways with Unity, from what I have heard in the AC community there had been some major bugs and issues with the game. It was so bad that Ubisoft had given Unity players the DLC Dead Kings for free as compensation for the bugs that came out in launch. For the most part, a lot of AC fans don’t really care for Unity just due to the issues that it had at launch. I, however, find that Unity is a great game. Its up there for me after The Ezio Collection and Syndicate (they are tied). Anyways it did have a crappy launch and Ubisoft did a good job in fixing the issues and even giving the fans the Dead Kings DLC for free.

#2 Street Fighter V

This is another game that I had came late to, like last month late. Anyways, Street Fighter V had a disappointing start. I had a co-worker who had bought the game at launch and from what I heard, the game wasn’t complete and it only had a few characters. Plus it was like they released a bit of the game at a time and a year after release, it was like finally complete or what it should have been at launch. The more that I had looked into it, it had seemed like others were saying the same thing about the game. It wasn’t complete and people had to buy characters and other things in order to advance and other issues with the game. So far just by playing it for a few hours, it seems like they did the best and fixed the issues that had came out on launch day.

#1 Star Fox Zero

Now this is a game that I chose due to my overall experience with it. Earlier this month I had gotten a Wii U and Star Fox Zero was one of the games that I had gotten with it. One reason why I had gotten it was because I had played the Star Fox game that was on N64 and I guess feeling nostalgic, I had gotten Zero. Anyways, this game reminds me too much of that N64 Star Fox game with the graphics and the controllers. To me, it just reminds me too much of the N64 version though Star Fox Zero is suppose to be for the Wii U. Its just too disappointing for me. Though I didn’t get it at launch and getting it quite a bit of time after its release, makes me feel really disappointed especially since they could have done some kind of updates for it to make it look more like a Wii U game instead of N64 game (graphics wise).

So that is my list of the Top 5 Disappointing Game Launches for the 8th Generation Consoles. Are some of the games on your list as well? What are some of your disappointing game launches for this generation of consoles?

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  1. I personally believe Andromeda shouldnt be on this list because ive faced zero performance issues on ultra settings @ 3440×1440 resolution. The animations not being done right is something i really dont care about whatsoever. What should be on this list is dishonored 2, now that game barely gave 30fps on 1080p on my system at release. You need to play more games

    • Spotted the Bioware apologist.

      • Spot my dick up your mom’s vagina……… oh, while i play andromeda.

      • That escalated quickly……. apparently up your mom’s vagina too???

    • Well when someone decides to pay me to sit there all day and play video games then I’ll do that but till then some people have little things called jobs and besides having a job, I am going to school for my Bachelor’s Degree.

  2. No, JUST no about AC Unity. The game engine is easily still broken to this day. This is also very prevalent in its follow up AC Syndicate EVEN with the latest patch installed. You literally cannot go a single minute without a pedestrian getting stuck in a street lamp or something going like that going wrong.

    You claim you are an AC fan yet didn’t even get AC Unity at launch like the rest of us fans were fooled into doing. It was with AC Syndicate, where a lot of us didn’t bite this time and it showed when it sold the worst an AC game ever did..

    How is it good that they had to fix some terrible issues and never truly fixed it all. Hell, Ubisoft are literally going back and having to build the game engine from the ground up again for the next game, that is how disastrous the game engine and Unity has been. There is no way to defend the game that destroyed the franchise. We are all eagerly waiting to see what this new game will be and NOBODY is asking for it to be like Unity, I can tell you lol.

    And to say Unity is great even without the awful engine is pretty ballsy, especially when you compare it to its other critically acclaimed predecessors. It just had a copy of Ezio as a main character without any of the actual character development or purpose. For example, did he just forget, when it skips 15 years later at the start, that he witnessed his dad dying? It never gets mentioned again. It doesn’t help that there was NOTHING to push forward the present day story in the game. Even Syndicate got that part right by having a tiny bit of development (seriously I would love if they brought Desmond back from the dead somehow). 🙂

    I implore you to go back and play Unity and see what I am talking about with the problems. It is all still right there in plain sight. You are just doing that thing a lot of gaming journalists did and just assume that “the game is working and PERFECT now” lol without actually playing it and seeing it for yourself.

    • I didn’t get Unity at launch because I had gotten into the series AFTER Unity was released.
      Of course there are still bugs and glitches still there, AND WITH ANY OTHER GAME, but its not as bad as from what I had heard when Unity was launched. Did I say that the game is perfect now? Nope. You are doing what you said that I am doing and ASSUMING that I said that said the game is perfect. Now this is why I don’t really like talking Assassin’s Creed games especially bringing up Unity because it seems like most of the fan base either hates the game or just wants to really diss the game. I don’t like arguing about what’s the best AC game. Can’t we just agree that each one, EVEN WITH THEIR OWN BUGS AND GLITCHES, are good in their own way?

  3. All of them are for me on my list of dissapointing games cause of terrible launches but now No Man’s Sky & AC Unity needs to be out since its not a terrible game now thanks to those patches same with Andromeda when the glitches gets fixed

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