Destiny 2 Will Have Timed Exclusive Content On The PS4 Until Late 2018; More Details Potentially At E3

A trailer went up on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel which confirms that Sony once again have exclusive content and advertising rights for the game. The end of the trailer revealed interesting news as it confirmed that PS4 will get timed exclusive content until late 2018.

Although it’s not said in the trailer, it’s very possible exact details could be revealed at E3 as it says more details will be coming “this summer” and E3 would be the perfect time to reveal news about the game. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Seems like its possible that they will reveal it at E3 but since its only Timed Exclusive content so every platform will still get it i believe Playstation will have some Exclusive contents for Destiny 2

  2. It says at the end of the teaser that the reveal trailer is coming out on March 30th, I think that could be a CG cinematic to set the stage for how the game’s universe has changed, but there could be gameplay.

    As for specifics about the exclusive content that will likely come at E3.

  3. next is console exclusive dlc……

  4. The best experience for destiny 2 will be on scorpio regardless if sony gets advertising rights or not, why would sony waste money on advertising rights on destiny red dead etc when they will perform 100% better on XBX ?

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