Destiny 2 Collectors Edition Already SOLD OUT On Amazon Within An Hour Of Going Up

It didn’t take long but Destiny 2’s collector’s edition for all platforms has already sold out on Amazon within an hour of the listing going up on the store. The collector’s edition is expected to be hot product with people already listing them for $700 on eBay.

Here’s a look at the listings below.



There’s still sites listing the collector’s edition for pre-order, if you’re interested in the collector’s edition then it would be best to pre-order now than pay double closer to the release date..

If you’re sticking with the standard edition then you can pre-order it on Amazon for the PS4¬†or Xbox One

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  1. You just went to Amazon and couldn’t find it an assumed it was sold out. Assuming makes an arse out of you. They never listed it for sale. Only Gamestop and Wal-Mart have actually sold it (maybe bestbuy). Amazon, target, and Toys-R-Us have not yet listed it for sale.

    Not even fake news…this is just factually wrong.

  2. Just wondering if the author ever confirmed even a single Amazon preorder to support this “news”.

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