EA Access Subscribers Are Receiving AMAZING Gift Boxes Which Includes A 2TB Hard Drive

EA Access subscribers have been receiving a package at their homes today from EA, and inside that package is 4 months worth of EA Access and a 2TB Seagate hard drive as well! It also includes a thank you from EA, which also gives a reason as to why some are getting a gift box. It’s because they have subscribed to EA Access from the start of the service.

Have you been subscribed to the service since it first started? Well you could be receiving or may have already received a box from EA! Let us know when you subscribed to EA Access in the comments section below.

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  1. I can’t remember if I have been since the start maybe a bit after.

  2. I’ve been there from the start and I have no box

  3. I became EA Access member since the beginning of the program, but I live in Brazil. Is it only for USA members?

  4. I have not got anything. I got it from the the start cause that was the only to get the 10 hours from madden before launch!

  5. I subbed day one but never got anything yet. How do they know my address?

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