Everything You Should Know When Starting Your New Twitch Channel

If you’re thinking about starting your very own Twitch channel, it’s not something that you should just jump into right away. It takes some careful planning and consideration before you actually go ahead and make it happen. That way, you will be properly prepared, and able to hit the ground running. That’s exactly what’s needed because finding success using Twitch is difficult at the best of times. But it’s even harder when you’re not properly prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

You can find out everything you should know about starting your new Twitch channel by reading through the helpful tips and information below and via websites like StreamerTactics.com. Be sure to make notes and start organising your setup ahead of your channel’s big launch. If you get your approach right, you will be attracting new viewers instantly.

Have a Perfect Internet Connection

This is always the most important place to start when it comes to creating a channel on Twitch. If your internet connection is not up to the required standard, the content you produce and put out there will be simply unwatchable for people. That’s not the kind of situation you want to find yourself in, and your plans will probably be in tatters before you’ve even begun. So, test your internet connection and consider upgrading to a better ISP if you are serious about all of this.

Invest in a Webcam

There is little point in playing games on Twitch if you are not going to stream using a webcam. People want to see you as you play. After all, that’s pretty much the entire point of the platform. So, make sure that before you even launch your site you have a good webcam setup in place. When you have a strong webcam with plenty of modern and useful features, people will be able to see you clearly, and there will be fewer imperfections and hitches that you will have to deal with.

Find a Streaming Niche and Own It

Streaming is all about finding your niche. Of course, there are a million people playing and streaming the biggest gaming franchises on Twitch. So, even if your favourite game is the latest Call of Duty title, that might not mean that it’s the best game for you to stream. The market for those kinds of games being streamed is already massively oversaturated. If you want to be successful and get ahead, you will need to find a niche that is not currently being exploited. You can then supply a demand that is out there. You just need to make sure that there people interested in watching that particular game being played.


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Monitor the Chat

There is a chat function that viewers can use when they are watching you play your game on stream. It’s important to be aware of this and to be aware of how it works. You will need to monitor it in order to make sure that you never have your chat infested by trolls and people who are being abusive towards you. It’s a good idea to use bots that delete comments that are spam or that provide suspect links to external sites. Bots can make your life so much easier because if they’re cleaning up the mess, it means that you don’t have to.

You’ll Need a Strong Banner and Logo

Branding and imagery matters when you’re creating a new Twitch channel for yourself. You can use companies like Adobe Spark to create a strong banner that will be positioned at the top of your profile place. You might also want to create a unique and specific logo for your channel, which will be placed in the position of your avatar. Getting a really good quality twitch banner will also bring people’s attention to your stream as well. It’s definitely a good idea to take these possibilities seriously because if you put these things in place, it will instantly make your channel look more professional.

Stay Consistent Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

When you’re a Twitch streamer, and you’re expected results, you will need to stick at it for a long time. Streaming won’t lead to masses of subscribers and donations unless you’re willing to persist. This is what’s required if you want to grow your audience and get more people watching you and following you. People like to subscribe to the people who they think will hang around and continue for a long time to come. If you only stream a couple of times each month, the consistency won’t be there, and you will never manage to grow your audience. That’s why you have to stream even when you don’t feel like it.

Don’t Forget to be Interactive

Twitch is all about interacting with the people who are watching you play your game. They want to be recognised and be a part of the conversation. If they feel like you’re not really paying attention to them, they could lose interest, which is the last thing you want to happen. So, don’t forget to be interactive. If you’re too focused on the game and not paying enough attention to the people who are watching you at home, you will never find much success on Twitch. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is, so you need to talk and be as interactive as you can be.

Make Sure Your Voice Can be Heard Properly

Finally, you need to make sure that your voice can always be heard when you are streaming live on Twitch. Many people forget the importance of this point, and it’s important you don’t make that mistake when streaming. If people can’t hear what you’re saying, or the audio is all crackly and unpleasant to listen to, people aren’t going to hang around for too long. Those viewers will be lost, and they probably won’t want to come back. So, you should definitely invest in a top of the range microphone that will pick up every word with perfect clarity.


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Now you know all the important information about starting a Twitch channel, all that’s left to do is go ahead and start it.

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