Five INSANE! Microsoft E3 2017 Predictions That Could Happen For The Xbox One

This year, Microsoft might focus a tad bit more time on talking about Project Scorpio after announcing it at last year’s E3. So this year, we’ll finally be able to see it. Microsoft will probably have some new stuff coming to Xbox, like Backwards Compatibility, Xbox Anywhere, and Xbox Pass, later on this year. In this list, I’m just going to focus on games that are coming out this year and possible game announcements. Since Microsoft is having their conference first, I find that they will announce, of course, first party exclusives but I am hoping to see some awesome games and other Xbox announcements being showed first during the Microsoft E3

1) State of Decay 2 Gameplay & Announce Date
Since the announcement of State of Decay at last year’s E3, hopefully this year, we can see some of the gameplay for it and when its going to be released. So far, all we know is that its a zombie survival game which will have an open world environment and will have co-op gameplay with up to 3 other players.

2) Xbox TV
Xbox TV would be a cool idea considering Xbox One is more than just a gaming console. What I mean about Xbox TV is its sorta like Playstation Vue while having the Vue is having cable/satellite tv without having the cable/satellite box and just stream the channels instead. Already Xbox One has an adapter so we can use those good old bunny ears to watch local channels. I find that Microsoft might as well expand on this and give us an option to have cable channels without having to pay those high cable prices. PS4 don’t have that option to watch local channels using the bunny ears so Xbox is ahead in that aspect and I think that its about time that Xbox added to the TV part of the system with some cable stations.

3) Crackdown 3 Release Date & Gameplay
Crackdown 3 is an open world action adventure game that has been in the making in the last 7 years after Crackdown 2 came out for Xbox 360. The Wikipedia page for the game makes it sound like due to the reliance to the Microsoft Azure for the destruction engine, full scale destruction is going to be limited to online multiplayer modes. It would be interesting to see the gameplay for this game.

4) Forza 7 Announcement
Even though Forza Horizon 3 came out just last year, it might be time to Forza Motorsports 7 to be announced. With the advance graphics on Xbox One S and with Project Scorpio coming out later this year, Forza 7 would be one of the perfect games to have on the system. Just with the awesome graphics and gameplay for Forza Horizon 3, the graphics and gameplay for Forza 7 would be totally cool.

5) Expanding on Xbox Anywhere & Xbox Pass
With this, I can only see Xbox expanding and/or adding to the Xbox Anywhere and Xbox Pass. I am not sure what they will add but with the way things are going so far with these programs, it looks like they can only get better. Then add that to the Backwards Compatibility then Xbox is really doing well in this part unlike PS4. The only thing that I can think of at the moment that can be awesome to add to these programs is if Xbox has some sort of rental program to where any game can be rented either digitally or physically. That would be awesome if for like $5 a month, you can rent one game a month and you can return it anytime within that month and if you like it, there’s an option to buy it instead of returning it.

That is my list of insane predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox One at this year’s E3. Check out my list of insane predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio at the 2017 E3 conference.

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  1. The first and third are not predictions, they will happen.

  2. There’s nothing “insane” about ANY of these predictions….especially considering the author obviously has no clue what the meaning of insane really is to begin with.

  3. We all know what Microsoft have in store for E3, the same thing they’ve given us for the past 10 years…..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They’ve made a garbage console which is rotting down at the bottom of the sales charts where it belongs and they don’t have a single exclusive game worth playing on their inferior, dead platform to dig it out of its grave.

  4. I’m stoked for State of Decay 2.
    The first one was awesome.

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