Five INSANE! Microsoft E3 2017 Predictions That Could Happen For The Xbox Scorpio

Last year at Microsoft’s E3, they announced Project Scorpio. Now this year, we’ll be able to see what Project Scorpio is going to look like and when will we be able to get our hands on the newest and coolest console that is coming out this year. Xbox already said that Scorpio games will be able to play on Xbox One games and Xbox One games will play on Scorpio so some of the games that I had listed for my list of predictions for Xbox One E3 article will most likely be happening for Scorpio as well.

1) VR Support/VR system like Playstation VR
Since Scorpio is going to have native 4k graphics and have the capabilities to run VR, it would be great if Scorpio will get some kind of VR system like how Playstation has their own VR system. Hopefully Microsoft will get on the VR train and have games and a VR system to go along with their newest and powerful gaming console yet. Plus it would be a shame if they didn’t have anything for Scorpio while PS4 has their own VR system.

2) Exclusive Games for Project Scorpio
Even though Scorpio will be able to play Xbox One games, I feel that Scorpio will have its own exclusive games that won’t be shared with Xbox One and/or the Xbox Anywhere. It might not happen considering PS4 Pro doesn’t have any games that is just for the PS4 Pro, just exclusive games for all PS4 consoles. But with the Scorpio’s rumored power, it would be great to see some games which are fully committed to using as much of the consoles power as possible.

3) ALL prior first party games will be Scorpio patched 

Now this one is one of the more insane predictions as it’s very unlikely to happen but it’s expected that a few older Xbox One titles will get the Scorpio patch treatment by the time it releases. However we’re going to take it one step further and say Xbox will patch every single first party AAA game they released since launch.

4) Halo 6 ISN’T Announced, but a FPS Halo is incoming with insane Scorpio features 
It might be time for a FPS Halo game since Halo 5 was released a couple of years ago so we might be looking at another Halo game in the very near future. However we could be waiting for Halo 6 for a little longer as we are predicting either a prequel to an older entry or an entire side story on something else rather than another main series Halo game.

Also we’re thinking this is going to be best looking FPS game to date, with prior Halo games looking amazing in cutscenes already but with the power of the Scorpio we’re going to be taken to a place Halo has never gone before in terms of visuals.

5) Project Scorpio is priced the same as PS4 Pro or cheaper 
I am looking forward to seeing what Microsoft’s official name for Project Scorpio is. Though Scorpio is a cool sounding, I find Xbox Scorpio doesn’t really roll off the tongue like Xbox One or Project Scorpio. We should be able to have an official release date for Scorpio as well. I am hoping that Microsoft doesn’t release it too late in the year, like November or December just for the sake if they are looking to get those huge sales numbers. I feel like they will release it towards the end of the year and it will have great sales numbers for it.

Hopefully, they won’t sell out so quickly like the Switch and people will have a hard time trying to get a hold of one before Microsoft gets out a steady stream of Scorpios out to the public. Finally and lastly, the price of Scorpio. Just by the specs of the console and what it can do so far, it wouldn’t surprise me if Scorpio is at least $100-150 more than new Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles. It would be a great surprise if Microsoft made Xbox One and Xbox One S like $199 and Scorpio $350 which is why it’s our top insane prediction.

That is my list of insane predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio at this year’s E3. Check out my list of insane predictions for Microsoft’s Xbox One at the 2017 E3 conference.

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  1. LOL I really needed a good laugh, which is what this article is good for. Cant really argue with predictions though, they are kind of like opinions, with the exception being that there would have to be some clue that leads you to believe that is what is going on.

    So I ask this, what clues do you have?, because I can negate each of those “predictions” with fact be it official or exactly what someone in a major position has said, it is all on record just not official so to say. As for Halo be it 5 or 6 or any for that matter, Halo is the Xbox flag ship of 1st party games, they have to work something in with it now or latter, but I have not seen any indication that Halo 5 will get anything more on Scorpio (Xbox Scorpio prefer that to the other names I have heard) than on Xbox One other than a hint that there will be a 4K upgrade available, hint not actually said. I take Halo kind of personal. As for price consoles almost always sell for at below cost, and if they use mid range parts nothing high end not thing low end then we are still looking at 399 or more. I cant even give a real estimate until the release full specs, I can go from what I believe they will use or what I hope they will use, even the lowest hardware to get specs listed they would all be wrong , even when I the full specs most the time it is hit or miss by about 50US but even the pricing you said goes against what is being said not just online but by Xbox leadership. Now as for VR, PS VR is well a good try but lacks in so many ways, basically one step up form Phone VR if even a full step up. If Xbox follows suit I see it as a mistake when they have so many MS partners that would love to do VR for Xbox, real VR with real games.

    Tell you what, here’s a real prediction, with the implementation of play-anywhere games letting games saved on Xbox or PC via Win10 Gaming, I see Xbox’s Project Scorpio breaking down the barriers between console and PC just a bit more by allowing all (or most all) games on Win10 to run Project Scorpio Consoles. If we don’t not see this with Project Scorpio then it is not that far off, considering the success with play-anywhere games. See logical shows some of the lead easy.

    • fucking hell, what is the point?!

      • LOL, that was my point his predictions had no point, no context, no bases in any fact what so ever, I just tried the long way to tell him. Its my way, like the pricing, it is hard as hell even if you know the specs to get the price of parts at whole sell to figure out what it would cost to make the console, just to predict what it will sell for, I did the same for Xbox One and PS4 consoles, even the Pro and was almost dead on. I did miss the PS4 by more than the others but they sold for more of a loss than I thought they would, most consoles sell for at or below production cost. Sorry maybe I need help for the gaming addiction I have (LOL) but when your retired and paralyzed, gaming helps pass the time. I have always been into gaming I have every console ever mass-produced and a few that where just test models, and been in PC gaming since well the internet was Arpanet, talk about slow. So I have been around so time, most of it gaming, working on hardware or patching software (prefer hardware).

        Just wish authors read their comments sometimes.

        • For someone who dissected this entire article, you’re looking pretty foolish for not realizing the author is female.

          • Honestly; I could care less, male or female it’s the military in me. Besides would it matter if it was a girl or a guy, nope because I addressed the article not the writer, I could of addressed the writer but I don’t know who they are. (male or female) If I had addressed the writer as female then to me it would of appeared that it was wrong because she was a she, instead of just being a bad prediction article, that is unless “she” knows something I, or anyone else, don’t.

            Just so you know though I have read some of her other work, not as bad as this.

          • I just hear a lot of excuses.
            Her picture is right at the bottom of the article, next to her name. You referred to her multiple times as “him” and you’re being corrected. All you needed to do was say “You’re right, I’ve corrected that. My bad.”

          • If your only complaint is that I don’t care what sex the author is, well then I don’t see a problem. I read the article and judge it by it, not by the sex of the author or what others say. So her/him don’t matter, if you have issue with my pronoun then that is your issue not mine. And so you know I did not pick apart her predictions completely, I could of but it would of been as long as the article, and then I might of cared enough to use, her as a pronoun.

          • I can’t believe you’ve missed the point so badly, as if you ‘chose’ to use the word ‘him’ despite knowing the author was a woman just because it was…what?…too much work to use the ‘e’ and ‘r’ keys to write HER?

            You wrote hundreds of condescending words, coming off as a complete know-it-all, without even realizing a minor detail about the author you’re taking to task. You won’t make it far in life if you can’t even take ownership for a simple mistake. You hadn’t even corrected your original comments before launching into an excuse about why it doesn’t matter ‘to you’.

            There is a lesson to be learned here, Billy, don’t pass up the opportunity.

          • Yep the lesson is that if the article was good, I might of cared if it was a male or female writing but it wasn’t so I don’t.

            As for a know it all, I am far from that but predictions have to have a base in reality which was something that was not there.

            Now the only people that care if you misuse a pronoun are normally that person and those who care about that person, so which on are you, the author or a loved one that got upset because someone critiqued the article and did not care enough to look to see that it was a girl writing it, not that it would of mattered. However I could of got my 10 year old to critique it, but that would of just been humiliating, and I am sure he would not of cared if it was male or female either, just that it was, in simple terms “wrong”.

          • It’s funny you think I’m upset. I am having a laugh at you and you’re not in on the joke, obviously.
            You made an obvious mistake and instead of correcting it, you’ve written 1000 words, trying to justify it as either intentional or inconsequential.
            Are you that shameless that you simply can’t correct your original comments?
            Or would that be admitting defeat in this discussion (as far as you’re concerned)?

  2. $349 for Scorpio? Keep dreaming!!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be AT LEAST $399.99, prob $429-$459 or maybe even $499!

    • No. PS4 pro is 399 right now and it’s last years chip. Other than 4gb of more ram, “a couple dollars factory side”, and a slightly beefier cpu there’s nothing standing out about the Scorpio that suggests such a higher price tag. The gpu is the same level, just next years upgrade.

      TBH Considering MS’s monsterous bank account and not wanting to lose a foot hold in the largest entertainment industry in the world, they could very well release it cheaper than the Pro is right now to recover brand recognition.

      They don’t have to ofc… But saying, “keep dreaming”, when it’s quite possible is kind of ridiculous.

      • “They don’t have to ofc… But saying, “keep dreaming”, when it’s quite possible is kind of ridiculous.”

        That’s the thing, it’s not possible. The Scorpio is definitely gonna be priced higher than the PS4 Pro. It’s definitely gonna be higher than $399.99. They said it’s a premium product, it’s likely gonna cost $499.99 minimum.

        Anyone who thinks this is not gonna be priced higher than the Pro is clearly stupid.

        • Not Possible//Business//Time Elapse//Error—–Er//…

          Calling me stupid is the pot calling the kettle black. You don’t understand marketing on any level. <- Not an opinion.

          Of course they're going to call it a premium product… They're selling it.

          By this holiday the PS4 pro will likely have a price drop, it could easy be 299, while the Scorpio launches with slightly higher specs at 399. It's not rocket science. If your way of thinking was how the world worked, and technology never dropped in price, a cell phone would cost 200 thousand dollars by now.

          Hyping up a product as being, "premium", but then WOW! Shock and AWE! It's affordable for EVERYONE is early high school marketing and the basis for product marketing world wide since the birth of the modern age.

          …Sigh… Why did I even reply… By the way, I retired when I was 24. Sorry bout that.

      • COW CROW CROW!!!! Eat that humble pie and CROW Sandwich!!!! I thought the Scorpio wouldn’t go above $29.99, lmmfao!!! After E3, now we ALL know its $499.9!!! WAY too expensive considering games, accessories and the game controller(s) being $65-$120 each (esp the box Elite” controller)!!! SUX TO BE A MS FAN HESE DYS!!! Plus, MS owns NO studios that work on GOOD games. Sony, on the other hand has Shuhei Yoshida and his entire “gaggle” of studios and AAA titles. I’ll chose the PS4 Pro over the Scorpio (aka “Xbox One X”) ANY FUCKING DAY!. SO, what u way about that now!?!

  3. Man….. it is nice to dream…..

  4. All these predictions are ridiculous and won’t come to fruition.

    One thing is for sure: Scorpio will be at $599-$699 USD.

    Spencer did say it was a premium console and it’ll demand a premium price.

  5. Good, fun article Bri and I don’t think you’re far off on most predictions. Here’s my take:

    1) VR: Oculus maybe? Or they skip VR.
    2) Exclusives: There won’t be exclusive Scorpio games (unless VR) . Gamers with Scorpio will get a patch that enables enhancements to retail releases, or retail releases will be shipped in tandem with a ‘Scorpio Required” version appearing on retail shelves next to the regular X1 title.
    3) Previous games patched: I believe it will be like Boost mode on PS4, where no patch is required to see increases in performance from pre-scorpio games.
    4) I think Halo will be announced, if only a teaser. No scorpio features announced but assumed.
    5) Price will be slightly higher than the PS4 Pro launch price.

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