Setting Up Your Gaming Rig


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There comes a time when every hardcore gamer wants to take their passion to the next level. As you’ve probably seen through Youtube videos and photographs of pros, this means transforming your humble PC into a fully-fledged gaming rig. If you’re not sure what a gaming rig entails, here are just a few of modifications that might be worth considering.

Sort out your seating position

Let’s focus on real world implications first – as a gamer your comfort has to be key. This means getting a decent sized desk and proper chair so that you’re not craning over a screen and damaging your posture. Most office chairs will do, but if you want something a little more stylish, there are a variety of gaming chairs that could be worth buying.


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Boost your graphics

A pro gamer needs good pixel quality and a good frame rate for spotting opponents and reacting quickly. This might mean downloading new drivers onto your graphics card, or alternatively buying a new state-of-the-art graphics card. Pricing can vary on graphics cards, depending on how extreme you want your resolution to be (high-end cards are better suited to those with multiple 4K screens or home cinema systems). Some people will ‘overclock’ their graphics card to boost their performance even more, but this shouldn’t be attempted unless you’ve got some technical hardware know-how.

Upgrade your monitor

Of course, there’s no point boosting your graphics if your current screen can’t handle it. Read gaming monitor reviews and consider a HD screen that’s going to give you the resolution you need. There are now UHD screens available that take things to even more photorealistic level, but these are predictably not cheap. You can also play around with multiple screen setups if you have the money.  


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Customise your controls

A decent keyboard and mouse is needed for handling rough gaming usage. Specialised steel keyboards can offer more sturdiness as well as protecting against features such as ghosting (when multiple keys cannot be pressed at once). You can even ditch the keys and mouse altogether, and setup a wireless controller if you find it more ergonomic.

Step up your sound

Surround sound speakers can make your gaming experience more immersive as well as allowing you to react quicker to sounds such as gunshots and footsteps. There are all kinds of speakers available online – the same specs apply as if you were buying to listen to music. Bluetooth speakers can be useful for giving you full control of where you place them, as well as eliminating irritating tangles of wires.

Keep ventilated

If you’re playing your PC to the best of its processing power, a bit of ventilation will be important. This could anything as simple as an open window or a fan. Don’t keep your computer in an enclosed environment as this can cause overheating. Similarly, keep it away from radiators and other sources of heat. You may wish to upgrade your internal fan too.

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