The Witcher 3 Devs SHOCKING Response To The Witcher 4 “The Witcher Was Designed As A Trilogy; Cannot Have A Fourth Part”

The developers of The Witcher 3 have responded to questions about The Witcher 4 with a shocking response which makes it sound like there might not be a Witcher 4 coming out. CD Projekt Red who developed the incredible Witcher 3 video game responded to someone who asked why they haven’t announced it yet.

The president of CDPR Adam Kiciński responded by saying “The Witcher was designed as a trilogy. Trilogy cannot have a fourth part” which is shocking to Witcher fans who thought Witcher 4 would be a guarantee. However hope isn’t lost on a new Witcher title as he went on to say “however we like that world very much” meaning that the team could return to the series again, but it wouldn’t be a Witcher 4.

He also went on to say “we can’t discuss certain things even though we know them already. We cannot reveal our full hand.” which could be another hint that a Witcher game is coming and is also in some kind of development.

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