Sony Took One of Microsoft’s Biggest Investments Of The Last Gen; This Is Why They Were Smart To Do It

Recently in the gaming world, news has spread of Destiny 2 and its timed exclusivity to the PS4. This has really annoyed the Xbox One community. This happened in the original Destiny and this happening again means that Sony value Destiny as one of their own. But this wasn’t the case last generation. OHHHHHHH NOOOOOO, things were a lot different back then. Let’s take a look back….

The Generation Boom
Let’s face facts here, the Xbox 360 was one fantastic console and it took Sony a very long time to catch up and eventually overtake it. But it had everything, from the network to the Kinect to the competitive E-Sports scene, it was a force to be reckoned with. But when it came to the games, Microsoft weren’t afraid to dig deep and deliver to its fan base.

Sony lacked the consumer-friendly scene slightly with the PS3, at higher price point and lacking some key features, it played catch up to the Xbox 360 throughout its lifecycle. This wasn’t just the price point, but the game scene as well. While the PS3 had The Last of Us, Little Big Planet and Uncharted Trilogy (which were big sellers) competing against Xbox 360’s Halo, Gears of War and Forza, it was losing out on another area which made the PS3’s gain a lot harder to achieve.


The Timed Exclusive
Microsoft had this locked down tight. With E-Sports growing rapidly and First Person Shooters becoming the most popular genre of the generation, Microsoft reached out to Activision and signed away exclusive timed DLC that made Xbox the home of Call of Duty. This was a major pawn in Microsoft’s chess board and it always had that edge over the PlayStation.

It wasn’t just Call of Duty that was belonging to the Xbox, but Microsoft also got Bethesda and Rockstar on board too. With Skyrim and GTA IV, two major titles, you had no other reason to look elsewhere but Xbox. With Microsoft buying into any big titles DLC coming early, it was hard for Sony to look for scraps. But it never stopped Sony acquiring some. They were able to get hold of Battlefield 3 DLC (a week earlier) before hitting Xbox 360 owners as well as others.

The Counter
Sony couldn’t capture any big releases without Microsoft having their hands in the honey pot already. Now this isn’t bad from Microsoft, this is beating the competition to the prize. Just like any race, there always has to be one winner. Last generation, Xbox had their A-Game.

What Sony did though, they concentrated on 1st party titles, pumping out The Last of Us, Little Big Planet, God of War, Resistance, Infamous, Ratchet & Clank, Killzone and many more. Not because they wanted to, but more because they had too. They were losing the fight for 3rd party exclusivity.

This Generation
Well, well, well…… As you can see, Sony have now taken the advantage on the Destiny 2 front with timed exclusivity until Fall 2018. They also had the pleasure of having timed exclusivity over Rocket League, which was a huge success on the PS Plus membership and Outlast, another great addition to the PS Plus scheme, which had a three and half month times exclusivity on the PS4. Then there’s Call Of Duty which I mentioned earlier was the home of Xbox but now it’s the home of PlayStation and the PS4.

There are loads more to name and Xbox has its fair share too don’t get me wrong. It just looks like Sony has this edge, which is making the Xbox Ones challenge identical to the one the PS3 had last generation.

In my opinion, time exclusivity is very anti-consumer against all parties. I can understand console or platform exclusives as that’s how you win generations, but to time a release on somebody else which they’re going to get eventually puts you off a game. Brilliant example in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Bad move from Square Enix and back fired on everyone.
Maybe in the future…. we can all get the same stuff together and enjoy it together, regardless of what console it is on. The communities can discuss the moments in the game as like if they were playing the same system. But business is business and these billion pound companies have the funds to do what they want, so GAME ON guys and enjoy your content!

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  1. In the future i just hope everyone will get everything for games but Exclusives games needs to stay on their platforms but for Exclusive DLC’S everyone just maybe want them too so there is no need for that

  2. always found timed exclusives to be the biggest waste of cash by companies.
    wow you -likely over- paid x amount to have it a couple weeks early.. don’t think it amounts to much to most gamers TBH

    as for rocket league.. was it paid to be a timed exclusive? i thought it was more like how bioshock was exclusive to the 360.. until they developed a ps3 version (wasn’t really exclusive, just released on 1 platform while still being developed on the other)

    • Correct it wasn’t, that was Microsoft’s own fault with their early Xbone indie policies. Do people think that ALL those other indie games that haven’t come to Xbone yet have been paid off by Sony too?

      Xbone is simply not a priority, only some devs figured this out even before the 2 consoles launched and which one was going to sell substantially more and quicker.
      It only took a mere 2 months for Playdead to get Inside out on PS4 and this was most certainly a paid for deal. What did they possibly gain from blocking 40 million potential customers from buying their game?

      But the Bungie thing is DEFINITELY true. For everything Destiny is to me (nothing, never touched it, never was hyped about it, never cared when they fixed a few things wrong with the game, don’t care about the sequel), its still a significant event. Bungie being at that PS4 reveal in February 2013 was a HUGE deal.
      And going by how many people are already over excited about Destiny 2, its still a big deal to this day.

  3. Click bait article trying to flame up some console war defenders here. Shameful.

  4. Good article! I also think timed exclusives are more about taking games away from a segment of users than giving extra features.

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