A Huge Amazon Leak May Have Confirmed That Call Of Duty Black Ops II Will Be Backwards Compatible Very Soon EDIT: APRIL FOOLS!

Update: Yeah it was an April Fools joke. If you see these images go around make sure to let people know it was a April Fools joke and not legitimate screens.

Get ready Xbox One owners, Call Of Duty Black Ops II on Xbox 360 is heading to Xbox One through backwards compatibility next week. Xbox fans have been waiting, not patiently it has to be said but waiting for news on when Call Of Duty Black Ops II is coming to Xbox One.

Amazon updated their listing earlier today which has since been changed which had a totally different cover and product description listing. The cover which was used is the re-release cover we have seen for other backwards compatible games like Fallout 3 and Bully. We managed to get screenshots before it was updated which you can find below.

black ops 2 listing


Do you think Black Ops II will be going up as soon as next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. No I dont think its true, but tired of seeing that nagging on twitter…so lets hope its not a April fools joek.

    • It is. The fucked up thing is other sites are reposting this article. I followed a link from 1 site to this(the source of link). And this site is bullshit. Full of bloateware, malware & so many god damn pop ups it’s lagging the shit outta my keyboard.

  2. Buy if before the price triples!!(if you want it)

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