PlayStation Plus 2017 Content For Asia Is So Crazy It Will Make You Rethink Your PS+ Subscription

You might be reading this and never knew that PlayStation Plus is very different in other regions. For example Asia has an incredible service compared to western regions. Though it needs to be pointed out that the Asia market is much different compared to the western region which is why this happens but it’s always fun to see what we are missing out compared to them.

Without even discussing the free monthly games first, they have different promotions for subscribing/renewing for 12 months. If you had subscribed for 12 months in January you would’ve had the option of choosing either Infamous Second Son or The Order 1886 for free, for February you could’ve chose between Bloodborne for free, 3 additional months, Final Fantasy XV for $20 or Titanfall 2 for $15, and finally for March you could of got 33% off the subscription if you’re a new subscriber or 20% if you are a returning subscriber.

Those monthly promotions alone are insane, and we haven’t even revealed what they are being offered as their free monthly games. There’s been some huge games already been offered this year that people in other regions would go crazy to see on the service like Until Dawn for example. Here’s a look at the game that have arrived for free with a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

This War Of Mine: The Little Ones
God Of War III Remastered
Tales Of Zesteria
The Swindle
Goat Simulator

LittleBigPlanet 3
Until Dawn
Not a Hero
Color Guardians

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps
Tearaway Unfolded
Disgaea 5
Titan Souls
Invisible Inc
Stories: The Path of Destinies

Life Is Strange
Drawn To Death
10 Seconds Ninja X

What are your thoughts on Asia region’s PlayStation Plus content? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Those are good PS Plus games now only US and the other regions needs to have these

  2. You can’t compare US with some of these Asian markets. The console and games cost more in Asian regions like Philippines, Singapore. They don’t get frequent discounts or deals on PSN. (Japan is not included in this market).

  3. that is pretty outrageous considering the shite they shovel us.

  4. The EU store is run by incompetents right across the board! Late updates, update issues, sales that include games previously given away with PSPlus,(I once counted over 30 in one sale alone!) barely any weekend flash sales(compared to other regions)
    I could go on!!

    • True, they also gave away Sleeping Dogs for 5 euros and then a month later they put it on sale again at 15-17 euros….which didn’t make any sense. In general, the discounts and sales have improved, i’ve bough several games after all but there are still some very dumb decisions and the quality of the PS Plus games has become terrible.

      • They did the same thing with Mirror’s Edge a while ago.
        They put MKX as deal of the week this week but it had just been on sale a few weeks ago,(for the same price) pick a game that wasn’t just on offer ffs!!

  5. Me wantey, even though my backlog is already ridiculously long.


  7. We have PS+ but frankly I prefer to own the games and know they are mine forever (and not be tied to PS+) and the Weekly Deals are fantastic. I’ve gotten more games than I can play for probably a lifetime at 60%+ off. No complaints there.

    • 60% off £54.99 is hardly a bargain though! You can buy retail for much much cheaper(which you just said you prefer to own too)

      • Well, I should clarify. I’m ONLY interested (except in rare exceptions) in Digital Versions. It’s such a nice luxury to not have to worry about the kids scratching/breaking/losing discs and not have to be constantly be switching between discs. Also (at least in the US) Sony seems to do a pretty good job of lowering the starting MSRP, so the discounts can be significant. For instance, my last purchases were: God of War III remastered for $6, Lego Batman 3 for $6, Mortal Kombal XL for $20 (pretty much my most expensive game purchase), Tales from Borderlands for $3, Max Max $10, Battlefront $10, etc. Very reasonable even for me.

        • We(EU) do get the odd bargain sometimes but nowhere near as many as US

  8. Good PS+ has been sorely lacking for a long while now in the USA. Instead of good games we are force fed indie after indie titles which 98% of then are garbage. As of now the only reason I even subscribe is due to me to me being forced to in order to be able to play online. Sony needs to get with the program.

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