Insider Confirms What Will Be Specifically Revealed Regarding Project Scorpio Next Week

Known video game insider Shinobi602 has confirmed in a tweet that Project Scorpio will be getting news next week, and added that the “Hardware sounds damn impressive.” That’s not all as the insider has once again tweeted about Project Scorpio and clarified what we will actually find out along with more thoughts.

A Twitter user asked if he could give further specifics on what will be revealed to which he responded saying that there will be a look into the specs and internals. Responding to another user he said it’s going to all be “about the hardware” adding that Forza 7 is going to look “stunning” when played on Project Scorpio.

The anticipation for official news on Project Scorpio is increasing, and we all can’t wait to hear what is going to be planned with the new console. Let us know your thoughts on Project Scorpio and the possible reveal of hardware, specs, and internals next week in the comments section below.

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