Horizon: Zero Dawn Player Getting Flown to Amsterdam After Making Amazing Looking GIF’s

Horizon: Zero Dawn has impressed us all with just how darn gorgeous it is but one player has really been showing off the beauty of this game with some amazing GIF’s. @SunhiLegend has been pumping these GIF’s out for a few weeks now that have even impressed the developers of the game over at Guerrilla. They are so impressed that today they announced that they are going to reward him by flying him out to the studio in Amsterdam. 

I personally think this is pretty awesome and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the honor. I mean just take a look at some of these amazing GIF’s of the game he has been making.

Have you been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I can’t STOP playing this game. Guerilla have made a truly amazing game. It’s surprising to see such quality of every kind come out of them after Killzone, which was good in it’s own right, but this is on a whole new level. The game is just so amazingly beautiful.

    These gifs are also super impressive.

    • They have long surpassed Bungie now by going outside their comfort zone and absolutely nailing this genre in their own way too (Bungie went outside their one trick pony Halo comfort zone and made a meh FPS game).

      • You think Horizon would be the same game if it was developed for 4 different consoles at the same time?

        • No

        • not graphically no.

        • As far as content, yes… graphically and performance wise? No.

    • 2017 has been amazing. Horizon, Zelda, RE7, Nier, Nioh and they don’t stop coming

      • I completely agree with you bro, but you forgot Mass Effect Andromeda which is just the best space exploration game in 2017

        • ‘only’ 😉

      • unless you’re Microsoft…lol I kid I kid

      • Yakuza, Berseria, Persona 5… 😉

  2. Guerilla Games is winning all over.

  3. Damn i want this game, looks amazing.

  4. Damn, if only this game was free!

    • You could “pay” for an awesome experience…. I’ve got over 65hrs in on this game and I am just right at the end I believe. An experience like this deserves a purchase….it is well worth it for sure.

    • What? Why would this game be free?

  5. bravo dude, make some notes and pics 🙂

  6. This game is so much fun. Amazing when a game makes you “want” to get everything in the game….especially them trophies.

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