Rumor: Scorpio Reveal Will Also Include How It Improves Xbox 360 BC Games And 1080p TV’s; Boost Mode?

Known insider Shinobi602 has hinted as well as confirmed more information about the upcoming Scorpio reveal. He first confirmed that there will be information on how Xbox 360 games will be improved when running on the much more powerful Scorpio. The Xbox One already provided a very good upgrade for Xbox 360 so it’s going to interesting to see what Scorpio can do with all that incredible amount of extra room.

The tweet below is also interesting because it could be a hint at a Scorpio style boost mode. The way it’s worded it sounds like Shinobi is talking about all previous Xbox One games, and not those that will be patched for Scorpio. Hopefully he will explain further what he means in the tweet.

He also confirmed that 1080p TV users will be getting information on how the console improves for them, but has said that the 4K features will be that great, people will want to get a 4K TV for it.


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