Rumor: Scorpio Will Have Room For Even More Visual Upgrades At Native 4K; Witcher 3 Scorpio Patched

Insiders have been tweeting about new Xbox Scorpio rumors today, and they both sound extremely interesting. Known insider Shinobi602 has discussed the potential power of Xbox Scorpio on Twitter, with him saying that even games running at native 4K will have more than enough room after that to add even more visual upgrades. If this is true then this console is going to be an incredible upgrade for Xbox.

Another insider has hinted that The Witcher 3 will be getting Scorpio patched, could it be an exclusive deal with Xbox? It’s not known whether this patch will also be for the PS4 Pro.

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  1. Imo the sharper the image the worse W3 looks. I thought it was gna look great on ps4 pro but it doesnt. Frame rates are better but now the trees look cardboard. I think ms should focus on games considering they have nothing lined up worth playing.

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