Exclusive Third Party 4K Patches Could Be The Next Exclusive Rights War Between Sony And Microsoft

Almost everything in video gaming these days has exclusive rights. Timed exclusivity for actual games, DLC and other content. There’s also exclusive advertising rights which has become a big thing for Sony during the current generation of gaming. It got me thinking, with Scorpio coming out later this year and Sony having their PS4 Pro already out, could we see 4K exclusivity? Third parties like money, and consoles like exclusivity for everything so it’s very possible.

There’s still many highly rated third party games which were never PS4 Pro patched, and it’s very possible that if Microsoft financed it, they could get exclusive rights to a “Scorpio patch” for games like The Witcher 3 for example. With PS4 Pro and Scorpio being upgraded consoles, there’s no actual obligation for third parties to run their games at a higher resolution, framerate or use the power of the upgraded consoles. This means both companies are within their rights to work out deals with third parties to make their games exclusively 4K on one of the consoles.

I could see this happening more with Microsoft and the Xbox Scorpio console due to the power and capabilities it’s going to have over the PS4 Pro. That extra power could be what is needed for Microsoft to work out deals with third parties to make the most powerful version of their game on their console. Many of the third party titles that were patched for PS4 Pro are not running in native 4K, it’s however been said that Scorpio could easily run Xbox One games at native 4K and then some. It could be tough for Microsoft to work out many deals however because Sony has many partnerships with publishers for upcoming games this year.

With the incoming threat of the much more powerful Project Scorpio, it’s very possible that Sony could work out deals with those third parties they are working with to exclusively offer 4K visuals on PS4 Pro. This could be a major problem for Project Scorpio as it would need as many third parties supporting the console as possible to show gamers the difference between playing on PS4 Pro and Scorpio. Sony is winning the exclusive advertising rights/DLC war that is ongoing, and losing out third party 4K support could be another war that Microsoft will lose if Sony pushes hard enough to do it.

Sony and the PS4 were notorious for having the better running games on PS4 over Xbox One when it launched. The resolution and framerates of launch titles on both consoles were leaked prior to launch, and it showed Xbox One didn’t have many games at 1080p or 60fps. As you can imagine it most likely helped sales for the PS4, and Sony must’ve liked having the powerful console advantage in the current generation of gaming. You would think that Sony would want to move away attention from the release of Scorpio, and stopping third parties from utilizing its power could be a harsh but smart business tactic.

Both Sony and Microsoft have got reasons to push for 4K exclusivity going forward. Sony was smart to have the one year advantage and get third parties on board right away, but the year wait for the power advantage could be what Microsoft needs to push their new console and impress third parties who have already used the PS4 Pro’s capabilities.

What are your thoughts? Could you see this happening or are third parties going to refuse due to possible backlash? Could we see console parity even with Scorpio having the power edge over PS4 Pro? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Not to worried about this happening. Just excited to see Scorpio tomorrow!!!!

  2. Even IF this happened it wouldn’t be something to worry about as people will still see the needed patches, but IMO the bigger issue is MS cutting the number of exclusives and sharing them all with PC owners. IMO that isn’t a good move when releasing new console hardware as people that already own Xbone or PC really have no need to use Scorpio. It’s a choice but not a need.

    Xbone needs more full exclusive titles which can only be played on the consoles while releasing more games in general as otherwise nothing will change because Sony will continue to get
    more market share and more support. And just like PS4-Pro the Scorpio may not sell as many units as the base models, and that shows that extra power sometimes doesn’t matter to people that already own a base model console. We need full exclusive games more than ever on Xbone asap.

  3. LOL no. Personally I hate all this timed exclusives crap, hell I hate exclusives in general unless they are obviously 1st party titles. That said, I don’t they will ever do this as it hinders instead of helps.

  4. This would be a step TOO far but I wouldn’t put anything past Msoft at this point!
    Console exclusives don’t affect me(owning both) but I’d like to see them die a death!

  5. this is way too silly and counter-productive to be a thing.

  6. MS needs software not a new console, sadly thats the opposite of what they are doing. I’m sure scorpio will sell well to the Xbox faithful especially at launch but MS will never surpass or catch up sales with PS4. X1 just doesnt have the games out or coming to compete this gen.

    • I funny hearing xbox has no software when this wasn’t the case before Q1 this year. If Quantum Break, Ori and The Blind Forest, Cuphead, Crackdown 3, Sunset Overdrive, Gears 4 and Forza Horizon 4 aren’t software then I don’t know what is. E3 is for the games.

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