Five Reasons Why You Should Sell Your PS4 Pro And Buy Project Scorpio

With the recent reveal of Scorpio specs, one thing is clear;  for the best 4k gaming experience on console, Scorpio wins.  Microsoft has engineered an insanely impressive console.  12Gb of RAM, 2.3Ghz 8 core CPU, A 6 Tf GPU at 1770Mhz this thing is a beast.  For developers, this console iteration means that they can still use the same language and engine’s, but will see better performance and have more resources to push their games further and into 4k.  One insane feature is their hardware implementation of Direct X 12, which essentially pulls a ton of CPU load out of the equation because instead of the CPU having to interpret and execute the Direct X code, it is all done in dedicated hardware on the motherboard.  This is something unprecedented in hardware design, and I cannot underscore enough how impressive a feat this is.

We sit on the precipice of greatness, so here is why you should sell your Pro, right now!

1) the advantages of the Pro over the PS4 base don’t give you enough.  With only some old games being good for boost, and you manually turning it off and on, the advantages of the more powerful hardware now pale in comparison to a truly 4k purpose built machine like Scorpio.  If you have a PS4 base still, you can play the Sony exclusives still at their designed specs.  If you don’t, you can buy a used one for less than you can sell your Pro 4 so you make back some cash and keep the PS4 games.  This leads us into the second reason.

2) There will never be a better time.  You, being the savvy tech consumer you are, know about how awesome the Scorpio is and will be, but a lot of pleebs out there will still be looking for “the best” 4k console to go with their new 4k tv, and will look to buy a Pro since it is currently available.  Get their money!! Maybe save it up for a Scorpio?

3) Scorpio changes everything.  This console will compete on the same level as a GTX 1080.  The hyper streamlined hardware and purpose built internals finally bring about the promise a dedicated gaming machine brings! The implementation of Direct X 12 into hardware is an amazing feat and one that means the CPU and GPU no longer have to spend time interpreting and executing those instructions.  This is a huge savings on resources! Something PCs simply cannot do.

4) Microsoft has ensured that ALL games that currently run on Xbox One will work on this new iteration, and will benefit from the hardware’s optimizations.  The Pro simply could not offer the same.

5) Finally, if you are not going to switch to a Scorpio, and will stay with Sony, rest assured the Japanese company won’t let the Scorpio’s huge power advantage stand for long.  Expect a matching if not better console from them in the near future, which again underscores point 2.

If I were a PC Master race gamer…I’d be second guessing my choices here.  If the Scorpio is sub $1k, we are looking at a console that performs as well for games as a $1500 computer would.  And they are only going to get better.

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