Mass Effect Andromeda 1.05 Bugs, Glitches And Errors Caused By New Update, Can’t Start Game After New Patch

Many people are having issues with Mass Effect Andromeda after the latest update, and we are looking to find a list of all the issues currently happening to players.

Here is a list of the issues we could find that users are having with Mass Effect Andromeda. If you are having any issues with the game after the patch which are not listed here then please let us know in the comments section below.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda not loading at the start screen
  • Infinite loading screens
  • Freezing during the intro on PC
  • Sound cutting out randomly

We will keep updating this article with more known issues as we find them. Fixes will also be added.

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  1. I havn’t played mine yet cause its still updating i’m hoping there are not many bugs on PS4 after this patch though but atleast it will get fixed hopefully soon

  2. The game simply crashes after a few minutes of gameplay after the patch. Esp evident when ryder leaves tempest to go to kadara.

  3. My game just crashes when i go to voerl during the animation of tempest grounding,or when i’m just walking over Havarl,but i didn’t have any problems in Eos. My game just crashes without any messages and go back to my desktop.

    • Same here. Liam’s personal quest is still playable but any landings on planet will crash the game right back into the desktop.

  4. Any other one that has the game freezing a lot for a few seconds after the patch?

  5. Before the patch i did not have any issues with the game i could play for multiple hours on Ultra settings without incident now since the patch i can hardly play at all im having constant random crashes in game i am also getting weird colour glitches when the tempest lands on a planet the screen starts flashing multiple colours like a disco strobe light.

    • You’re lucky, I can’t even get on the fucking game anymore…

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