A Cheat Sheet For Creating The Best PC Gaming Setup Ever

Whether you’re new to PC gaming or are a seasoned pro, you probably already know just how enjoyable it can be to having a PC gaming setup that outright rocks. After all, gaming is all about putting long hours in and if you’ve got a place that is enjoyable to be in then you won’t suffer from the fatigue that often claims the spirits of lesser gamers. Oh no, you’ll be sitting pretty through long nights on the battlefield. But your perfect setup won’t just happen – it’s going to take a long of effort to get your setup just right. Luckily for you, however, we’ve put together a cheat sheet that’ll give you the lowdown on each and every aspect you need to focus on. If you’re really determined, you could have your setup ready to go before you know it….


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Think Long Term

It is tempting to throw together all the essential details you need quickly, but don’t be so hasty. Gaming is pretty good right now, but it’s going to be even better in the coming years, and you’ll definitely want to have a worthy setup for when that happens! As such, you should be thinking long term. Though you might be raring to go, take your time to think carefully about what you want to have as part of your gaming setup and ensure that you get it just right. You don’t want to put all your effort into creating a setup only for six months later to realise that it’s not quite as good as it could have been.

Creating the Den

Ah, the man cave. It’s such a simple concept but it’s capable of such wonderful things. They create cozy nooks in a room where we’re able to sink in deep to all the joys of gaming (and not to mention watching films and unwinding with friends…) without a care in the world. Indeed, gaming dens really allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of gaming. In there, the outside world might not exist! You can get really creative with how your cave will look. If you’ve got a spare room, then this is your chance to bring together everything you love about gaming and build a room with that in mind. So long as the room is used exclusively for having fun (no work, no sleeping!) then you can’t go wrong.

The Desk

Gamers often underestimate the importance of having a top quality desk as part of their gaming setup. Remember, not all desks are created equal! It might be tempting to save some money and just use any old hand me down desk given by friends or family member, but think about it: this desk is going to have a lot of expensive equipment on it, and you don’t want it to fall apart when you angrily smash it in frustration during an annoying gaming situation. It should also be big – there’s going to be a lot of equipment on there and you’ll need the space. If you know exactly what you want, you can even make your own. They’re pretty easy to make and you’ll be adding another bow to your string of talents.

Sitting Tight

Forget everything else. When it comes to gaming, you need to feel comfortable. It’s just common sense – how else are you going to pull those all night gaming sessions? If you’re sitting on a stiff wooden chair, you’ll be calling it quits within an hour or two. Like the desk – and everything else, actually – it’s important to remember that not all chairs are the same, even if they might look the same. If possible, go into a store and try out a few different kinds to find that one that feels right to you. Of course, the higher quality chair you get the longer you’ll be able to stay, so bear that in mind when you’re making your choice!

The Actual Computer

Having a cracking PC gaming setup won’t count for anything if you don’t have a PC that is able to handle all the gaming you plan on doing. When you’re building your den, have a review of your existing hardware and evaluate whether it might be time to make an upgrade. If it is, you might find that the best option is to do as the serious gamers do and build your own PC. This is surprisingly easy to do and can give you a PC that is worth a lot more than what you pay. Take a look at cheap gaming PC builds at Level Up Your Gear and you’ll find top quality PC builds that won’t break the bank. If you’re investing the time into creating a gaming setup, it is imperative that you have the skills to back up the look, after all.

For the Hands

Your hands can take a bit of a battering when you’re gaming. They’re being used all the time, often while positioned unnaturally, and there’s very little you can do to change that. You can, however, give your hands a bit of a breather and improve your gaming performance by investing in a mouse and keyboard that are specifically for gaming. You’ve already put the time into making sure your battlefield – your PC – is capable of hosting the battle, now you need to make sure that you have the gun – the mouse and keyboard – to do the kinds of damage you’re capable of.

Monitors, Monitors, Monitors

If you’ve been only using one monitor then boy oh boy, are you in for a surprise. If you’ve not yet realised just how much the gaming experience is improved by having multiple screens, then this is your opportunity to change all that. You can have two, but the best is three – when they’re all up there on your new desk, it’ll be like you’re fully immersed in the game. You’ll also be able to see much more detail, too, which will of course improve performance.

The Sound and Mic

Some of the things on the list are to make you comfortable, some are to improve your gaming, and this one is to make you feel even more part of the online gaming world. Gaming isn’t just an individual activity where you play for long hours; it’s a social event, one where you make friends, join teams, and discuss your tactics as you back one another up. If you’re that way inclined, it can also be used for the opposite – to talk smack to your opponents. As such, it’s important that you have the best headset you can afford. It’s much about just sound and mic clarity, too – you’ll be wearing it for hours, so comfort is a priority.



You shouldn’t underestimate just how much you can be affected by lighting. It’s possible that you’ll be playing late into the night when there’s no natural light to speak of. Big lights might give you too much brightness, while spotlights might not give you enough. Take a look at some of the best lighting setups for gaming rooms and incorporate them into your new den. You want to create enough lighting to offset the glare of the screen and which also gives the room a nice ambience.

Going Beyond

And now, to the fun stuff – the extras that’ll keep you in the room for hours on end. Of course, you’ll need to leave to go to the bathroom (no room for a toilet here!), but snacks and drinks? That’s when you lean over to your fridge, open the door, and grab yourself an energy drink – all without even taking a break from the game. Naturally it won’t be the biggest fridge in the world, but one big enough to hold a couple of drinks and chocolate bars may make all the difference to your night!

Important: Keep it Tidy!

OK, we don’t want to go all mothering on you, but please, let’s work hard to keep your gaming setup tidy. You’ve put this much effort into ensuring that it’s done just right, the last thing you want is to create one big mess where you can’t even find the games and accessories you need. OK, there’s more to keeping it tidy than just keeping us happy – it’ll also improve your game. When you have a tidy space, your mind will be clearer, more calm, and you’ll be able to keep your mind on the task at hand – gaming as hard as possible!

Getting Creative

Ultimately, your gaming setup should be designed with your own personality and tastes in mind. Above we’ve outlined some of the essential details you’ll need to think about, but don’t those ideas as gospels – go above and beyond and have a setup that is decidedly your own. It’ll all depend on how much space – and money – you have to play with. One thing is for sure, though, invest time and money properly into gaming and you’ll see the effects when it comes to gaming – and that’s really what matters!

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