Rumor: Call Of Duty Black Ops II Might Be Going Backwards Compatible Soon After NEW Hint

Yes, we pulled a Black Ops II prank on April Fools, but this time we are being serious, and it’s looking good for those are wanting Black Ops II on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

Black Ops II is being advertised to be on sale soon, and in the trailer for this upcoming sale, every Xbox 360 advertised was a backwards compatible game. That can be said for all of the Xbox 360 games other than one, and yes that is Black Ops II. It seems weird that Microsoft is promoting BC only Xbox 360 games other than Black Ops II. There is also a trend of upcoming or new BC titles being on sale, so this could be another hint.

Again this is all speculation and rumors for now, but it could be the best looking news for Black Ops II coming to the service in a while. Here’s a look at the moment when Black Ops II can be seen in the sales trailer.


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