What Game Genre Took the Lead in 2017?

You must have played a game or two sometime in your life to pass time. It is estimated that over 50% of gamers have their eye on eSports – thanks to the power of the internet. It is a serious venture where almost 300 million viewers have become fanatics. With revenue from this industry skyrocketing year in year out, you can expect to see more in the near future. A boost from mobile gaming has made video games a trending genre even in 2017. You can take advantage of the free slots no download no registration play for fun without depositing real money. Below are some of the things that have changed in the video game world in 2017:


Growth of Mobile Gaming
Mobile video games have been hyped by the ease with which gamers can download and access them online. It has made it possible for them to engage on the go instead of sitting around in front of their PCs. With such flexibility, people have come to familiarise with mobile games as they mimic those in traditional casinos in terms of graphics. The introduction of Pokémon Go has contributed to the growth of the mobile gaming platform where more people have shown up to embrace the popular video game.

Existence of Free to Play Online Games
Gamers, especially novices, love to practice before they can put up real cash to play for real money. Most online casinos and developers have come up with a way in which such gamers can enjoy playing free slots no download no registration for fun without risking their money. This has contributed to more play time on their part as they can easily access the video game from a PC or mobile device and have their way. With such a move, it has increased the popularity of the game and thus the upward trend.

High-Level Hardware Manufacturing
Huge hardware manufacturing firms such as HTC and Sony were projected in 2016 to be leaders in hardware manufacturing. This means that more mobile gaming is expected in 2017, which is set to contribute a lot to the growth of video gaming revenue for companies in the industry. With reliable and quality hardware, they will be able to support gaming applications, which will translate to quality gaming.

PC Gaming Has Improved
New and powerful PC graphics have come up to support what games do online. Due to the introduction of generaTon, things have changed. With a boost of 40% in graphics efficiency and a reduction of 20% in power consumption, there is no doubt that PC gaming is on the rise.

The increase in demand for video gaming is inevitable if such trends continue. With developers coming up with new ideas every day, there is a huge appetite for the same waiting out there.

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