Making Money by Playing Online: Is It Possible

What If You Earn by Playing Awesome Games?

Imagine some extra hundred dollars getting credited into your bank every month. The internet revolution has opened up remarkable prospects of earning some extra money, while at the office, traveling or at home – freelancing, running your own business over the net and host of other opportunities are at your doorstep. Let’s think of it a tad differently. What if you could actually earn through playing awesome games? This article helps to waive off the apprehensions of beginners as to whether they can indeed make money by playing online games.

The 3 D’s of Online Gaming

There are enough ways to make online money, but nothing is as rewarding and fun at the same time than earning money by playing online games. There are many websites which allow you to make a handful of money by playing simple card games like poker or rummy or some new online casino games by OnlineCasinopolis and there are some that give you the opportunity to earn that extra buck by playing in online casinos.  Whatever be the medium, earning big money online is no less a task than that of earning it through a regular job. Like a regular job, this also entails following the 3 D’s – Determination, Discipline and Dedication.  Add the level of skill one has to acquire to earn big money as online gaming. Online gaming is a very professional world and to earn regularly through it, one has to be at the top of their skills.

Where Can You Play these Online Games?

The Internet offers a plethora of platforms where one can ply their skills of gameplay. There are leagues and tournaments across the web and all around the year they offer handsome cash returns to players who are at the top of the leaderboards. There are in fact seasonal leagues and tournaments also which take place during several high – profile tournaments like World Cup Cricket or Indian Premier League which provide a hefty amount of cash on the winners. With the advent of the internet, various betting houses like William Hill has made betting on individual matches of favorite teams in various leagues like EPL, La Liga, widespread to the international audience and promises hefty amounts of money on winning. Apart from these channels, there are regular gaming competitions of first person shooting games like Counter Strike, etc. which also gives away a hefty sum as prize money.

Playing in regular gaming competitions requires a state of the art gaming rig and religiously follow strict console and internet requirements. There is an initial investment to be made to acquire such gadgetry, but once you start playing seriously, it is only a matter of time that you break even and then start making enough money and see the profits soar.

Another website, GamerzArena, is planning to come up introduce gameplay contests for almost all everyday popular online games and promises good money to its winners.

Emerging Trends in Recreationally Earning

Having discussed the various avenues of earning money by playing games online, let us round up the discussion by talking about the most popular and rewarding way to earn money by playing online –  the online casinos.

Universally casinos have been the urn of fun, frolic and entertainment. Online casinos are no different. The internet has a huge repertoire of online casino games websites which are created to be entertaining and recreationally earning. The term “recreationally earning” implies the phenomenon of earning small amounts through a recreational activity not as much as to pay your bills and loans. This is more like a tourist wagering a small sum of money in a live casino in Vegas or Macau where one has the possibility of winning but not guaranteed return. Even if he wins it’s just an amount enough to recover his investment and have small profit rather than paying for the entire trip. These are absolutely fair such that neither those who play nor the website owners have anything to do with the final outcome of gameplay. Although they are entertaining, they should never be treated as a reliable and steady source of income by no means.

Be Judicious, be Wise

Now that we have had a lengthy discussion on the possibility of making money by playing online games, we have to be very careful in judiciously choosing which games to play, how many investments to make and a prospective ROI before embarking on the journey of playing online games with a mission to earn good money.


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