Self Service Refunds Coming Soon To Xbox and Windows 10

In a surprising but most welcome move Microsoft appears to be getting ready to offer self service refunds on Xbox and Windows 10. As you can see in the picture below, those in the Xbox Insider program have found this in the Insider Hub. Much like Valve offers on Steam if you want to get a refund for a digital game you’ll be able to if you follow certain guidelines. It must be within 14 days and you must have played 2 hours or less of the game across all accounts.

This is great news for Xbox owners and Windows 10 as this has been a great feature on Steam. Hopefully we see Sony follow in the future and offer it on PSN as well. Let us know if you are excited for this feature on Xbox in the comments below.

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  1. Looks intresting but i don’t think i would use a Self Service refund for a game i bought cause i’ll love it for ever hopefully

  2. Scorpio is a beast!

  3. Interesting enough for games you’ve found to be really dissapointing.

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