Call Of Duty Black Ops II Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Errors, Bugs & Issues, Servers Down, Fixes

Call Of Duty Black Ops II has become backwards compatible on Xbox One, and that’s great to see but it comes with many issues which players are reporting. We are getting a list of all of these issues within this article to let everyone know what are known issues. If there are issues that you’re having that are not listed here then please let us know in the comments section below.

Known issues 

  • Can’t start the game
  • Servers down
  • Error code 8015190E/0x8082000c/80151901
  • Sorry Your Purchase Cannot Be Completed At This Time. Please Try Again
  • This Game Is Not Playable Here

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  1. After downloading the 16gb game and all the add on I have, it didn’t worked, it gave me “Something went wrong : To complete your installation, first cancel it. Then try installing it again”

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