Microsoft has Announced its 4k Xbox Project Scorpio

The endless debate between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 fans regarding the capabilities of their consoles of choice could come to a screeching end. At the time of writing, the two devices are evenly matched and players choose one or the other based on the games they prefer. Microsoft wants to tip the balance in its favor and has a lot of confidence in the capabilities of its new gadget. Project Scorpio is the third Xbox console and one that the developers expect to send shockwaves throughout the entire gaming world.

As always, the release of a new gadget didn’t go unnoticed and videogame fans prepare for a new revolution. The incremental progress made for a decade by the two flagship consoles left many gamers disappointed and hungry for more. Many are hoping that the new device called Project Scorpio will finally make console games better suited for eSports. As can be seen in some popular eSportsbooks listed here, the video games played at the highest competitive level are also the most popular among punters.

Project Scorpio Is More Than a Gimmick

Gamers have high expectations from the new console, but many had their fair share of disappointments. That’s why some are concerned that the new device might be just a gimmick, rather than a worthy console for mainstream gamers. Its 4K capabilities make it a great addition for those who want to use it not only to play 4K games but also to watch 4K movies. They would need a suitable TV set for this purpose, yet these two gadgets go hand-in-hand. There is however more than meets the eye about Project Scorpio and Microsoft plans to bring mixed reality content to this console. Time will tell if they have augmented or virtual reality in mind, but both alternatives are promising.


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