Four Reasons Why Pre-Ordering Games Is A Good Thing

The ability to pre-order games has been around for a long time and is the one thing that most gamers are sceptical about. This is because most of the time, gamers either feel like they will get their value for money when they pre-order a game or they feel like they will have wasted their money if they don’t like the game. However, there are advantages to pre-ordering games. So here are four reasons why pre-ordering games is a good thing.

1) Pre-order Bonuses

When pre-ordering a game, most of the time it comes with some form of pre-order bonus. This could consist of collectables (figurines), exclusive content (such as maps or customization items) and much more. One of the most common pre-order bonuses is access to the beta for that game. Majority of the time, if a game has a multiplayer option, there will be a game beta for the game. This allows for the developers to see what needs tweaking in the game, but it also allows people to see whether that game is still worth pre-ordering as there is always plenty of time to cancel the pre-order.

2) Launch Day Access

One of the biggest reasons people like to pre-order games is because it allows them to play the game the day it launches. Whether they pre-ordered the game off the console’s store, pre-ordered at your local store, or pre-ordered off the website of your local store, pre-ordering guarantees you launch day access. In the UK, the most popular choice of place to pre-order games is  and at a discounted rates. If you pre-ordered it from the store on your platform, you will most likely be able to pre-download it and launch it as soon as the game allows you. If you pre-ordered it at your local store, you will obviously be able to play it as soon as you get home.

3) Play the Game Earlier

When you pre-order games off your platforms store, one of the most common things is that you they will allow you to play the game earlier than everyone else. This is starting to become more popular especially for single player games. One game that offered this when you pre-ordered it was Halo Wars 2, however this was only the case when you pre-ordered a certain edition of the game. Although this might not interest everyone, it is still a great idea as it might also encourage other people to pre-order the game if they hadn’t already.

4) It Can Hype the Game Up

When most people pre-order a game it hypes it up for its release. This is because if you pre-order a game you are most likely interested in the game so when it gets closer to the release you are going to be more excited about it coming out. When a game is hyped up really well (by both the publishers and fans) it is more likely to do better than if it wasn’t hyped up that well. It might then lead to people to go and buy the game if they never pre-ordered it themselves providing it was hyped up well. It might also mean that the game will receive more content than scheduled if their game is received well enough.

Pre-ordering games is something that most gamers are unsure about doing, especially if they think the game won’t be well received. However, there are always positives to doing it. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts of pre-ordering games are.


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