Video Game Value For Money Vs. Real Life

Playing a video game online and actually spending money on real-life entertainment? Which one is a good idea? Well, that debate keeps haunting people as they don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the cost implications of the two.

This topic needs to be approached from the angle of indirect competition. After all, these two products are indirect competitors from the business standpoint. They both offer entertainment at a cost. The slight variation between them is what brings up the topic of whether to spend money on a video game or just go out to watch soccer.

Venturing into a video game as a form of entertainment

In gaming, there are always two options that users can start with. In most cases, you can either go with the freemium model where the initial cost of playing the game is free or just play the premium version which will cost you upfront. Also, if you go with the freemium model, you will realize that some non-player characters are only obtained with real money. At this point, you either obtain real money to continue enjoying the game or forget about it altogether. Now, this can seem like the publisher of that particular game is playing underhand tactics to make money off your pocket. They push their game as a ‘’free product’’ yet the reality is that you will need to pay in order to enjoy the full experience.

In terms of sound and graphics, these can be very pleasing as modern games are designed to use powerful engines to bring about the ideal real life scenario (if the game is a simulator). If you look at these games from this perspective, then you will see that they offer value for money to anyone willing to invest in them. Also, modern video games tend to excel in the area of dialogue which in most cases is accompanied by creative voice acting.

Also, in a bid to keep the freemium version active and as widespread as possible, the publisher always needs to provide his game with some sort of ads to compensate them. We all hate pop-up ads, and are willing to go an extra mile just to get rid of them. And in most cases, this will cost money.

Generally, you can play games for money because it is something you can spend money on to enjoy. But in terms of longevity, we doubt a lot of things.

Real life entertainment

Watching football at a stadium will cost you upfront because there is no freemium in this case. Other packs that come along the way will also cost you in the process. After all, you can’t just seat there without treating yourself to some delicious meat pie.

Secondly, interacting with other gamers is still possible. However, if they are somehow opposed to your team, you will feel that this is sort of invigorating. Otherwise, those who support your team are always your best friends.

In short, the quality of service you get will vary greatly. It depends with the match and the players as well. The kind of perceived fulfillment which you get is generally up to you.



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