5 Possible Sequels To Nintendo Cult Games That Could Make It To The Switch

If the Switch wants to make it as a game console, it’ll need more than Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to carry it. An extensive game library will be very important and perhaps Nintendo doesn’t have to look much further than creating some sequels to existing franchises. Here are some Cult Classics that could use a reboot:

Golden Sun 4

After the stellar first two Golden Sun games on the GBA, fans were clamoring for a sequel. The fan outcry was finally heard when Camelot released Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS in 2010. While it wasn’t a bad game by any means, the general reception was lackluster as it didn’t push the hardware’s limits as the GBA games did and the story + gameplay just seemed to be more of the same. The series still has a cult following however and I’m sure reinvigorating some concepts and making the most of the Switch’s graphical prowess could be the boost this universe needs. The developers always claimed they saw the first games like an introduction to the world, so they’re likely to have much more to tell us if this series were to pick up again.


The Djinni system was actually pretty inventive.

Other possible games in this category: Mother/Earthbound, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower.

Trauma Center

One concept I’ve always found intriguing in the world of games were job similators. I’ve never spent a lot of time with them as I prefer to escape into fantasy rich games but one game has managed to keep my interest and kept me buying every possible version of it. Trauma Center is a game in which you’re tasked to perform surgeries on people and it’s one of the most tense games I’ve ever experienced. There are so many factors to keep in mind; you could be racing the clock against a virus whilst keeping a patient’s heart pumping and stopping any possible bleeds that may occur. Exciting enough? Now Imagine if the Switch version would allow you to do it in a score attack mode vs another player. Or even better: the Switch could add a sort of Co-op where one person could be doing heart-massage while another is suturing arteries. Both the DS and Wii games did reasonably well and while I have no illusions and realise that it would never amount to being a system seller, it could add some much-needed variety.


I wonder if real surgeons also get to try again 5 times…

Other possible games in this category: Job Simulator, Surgeon Simulator.

Elite Beat Agents 2

Now here’s a personal “wishing upon a star” of mine. I’m not sure many other games come close to the amount of time I’ve invested in this Nintendo DS rhythm game. I’ve always been suprised up till this day that there hasn’t been an official sequel (other than the Osu! games for browser and mobile devices). For those who do not know it; this game asks you to time screen taps in sync with shrinking circles to the rhythm of popular radio songs. I’d love to see a return to this franchise and the Switch could even allow two modes of play: touchscreen or using the Joycon’s motion controls.
Of all the games on this list, I’m the most skeptical about this one however…


This is “La La” by Ashlee Simpson, believe it or not.

Other possible games in this category: Rhythm Heaven, Final Fantasy Theathrythm, Rhythm Thief.

Red Steel 3

Now here’s a game that could really use the Switch’s Joycons and at the same time showcase the local multiplayer Nintendo was desperate to push via their introduction videos. Red Steel was the first game ever revealed for the Wii and it’s no coincidence: when it became apparent that the console would allow motion controls, many gamers’ first thought was being able to wield a virtual sword. The Switch has the same control capabilities but the added graphical prowess could perhaps win over people that felt held back by the 2nd game’s poor sales figures. Perhaps those can be explained by the fact that many Wii gamers also had an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 and chose to play their ‘serious’ games on those consoles. The Switch seems to have won over a significant portion of that demographic in it’s starting month so it’s up to Nintendo to keep pumping out games that tickle those gamers’ itch.


That shotgun is already positioned nicely!

Other possible games in this category: No More Heroes, The Conduit, Dragon Quest Swords.

The World Ends with You 2

This game has possibly one of the most unique control schemes I’ve ever seen and a story I can still recall to this day. It’s a Square Enix RPG set in modern day shibuya (Japan) where you play as a participant in a reaper’s game: each day more participants die and only the person left at the end gets to “live again”. You control the main character on the bottom screen using your stylus and the character on the top screen fights at the same time, but using the d-pad. To say this took some getting used to would be an understatement, but it did grow on me. Everyone who’s played it speaks very highly of it and we’ve even seen a recent Mobile port do pretty well (and a cameo in Kingdom Hearts). It would be interesting to see if such a game would even be possible on the Switch as I could only see it being played in tablet mode. But maybe Nintendo will have some games like this where they warn gamers that it won’t be possible to play it while docked? Though I reckon it’s still too young into the console’s lifespan to make guesses like these.


(3DS image) On the mobile remake you instead had both characters on the same screen.

Other possible game in this category: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

I’m curious what our readers think; any cult hits you’d like to see make a return? Do you think it’s likely any of the ones I mentioned are part of Nintendo’s “big plans for the Switch” that they were going to show at E3?

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