Games With Gold May 2017 Predictions Part 2

Here goes round 2 of May predictions of Games With Gold. In the first part of my May Games With Gold predictions, I predicted Forza Motorsports 5, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and South Park: The Stick of Truth would be for the May’s Games With Gold. Check out Games With Gold May 2017 Predictions part one here.

1) Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a third person shooter game that follows around Chicago based hacker Aiden Pearce. Pearce hacks his way through Chicago’s ctOS seeking revenge on those who had killed his niece. Overall, the story is a good one with some great graphics that you would expect from Ubisoft and it even links with Watch Dogs 2 by having the DedSec group in the game. If you like the chance to be able to hack things then this is a good game to get. Also I like how we can just drive around Chicago.

2) Minecraft

By now almost everyone has heard of Minecraft. The game where you can break and build stuff. I just think that it’s about time that this popular game becomes a Games With Gold. Minecraft also has all of these extra add-ons so you can always seem to find something for your little world. I’m surprised that Minecraft has been on the Games With Gold list sooner. Consider its popularity, it would have been a good idea to have it on the list plus they could still make money off of it with all of the add-ons/DLCs that it has.

3) Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is an open world action role playing game in which players can control the Courier who gets shot in the head and buried in the beginning of the game. Somehow the Courier survives this ordeal and goes in search of his assailants to get back the package they stole from him. Through his travels in the Mojave desert, the Courier comes across allies and enemies as well as the occasional mutated lifeforms and robots. Overall, if you are a fan of the post apocalyptic world this would be a great edition to Games with Gold. Though it was developed by Obsidian instead of Bethesda, New Vegas does have some of the same feels as Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 games. I enjoy this game. It does have that Fallout feeling but then again it has its own distinct feel to the game like how with Fallout 3 had that dark kind of feel and the D.C. area type of feeling while Fallout 4 had the Boston area and somewhat more upbeat kind of feeling. New Vegas is set apart with the desert and the Vegas area.

4) Mass Effect

For those with EA Vault membership, they can already access this game but though of us who don’t have that membership, Mass Effect would be a good game to put on the Games With Gold list. Mass Effect is an action role playing game that takes place in the Milky Way in 2183. The player plays as Commander Shepard who must stop a rogue agent from opening up a portal that would allow highly advance starships to enter the galaxy and kill off all organic civilizations every 50,000 years. This would be a great game to have if you are a fan of the series or enjoy flying around the galaxy completing missions and being all Star Trekky. Mass Effect would be a good game to have to see where it all began and if you are like me and have joined the Mass Effect crowd kind of late with the latest installment Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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