Starcraft, Syberia 2 and The Witcher Free On PC

For those of you who are not in the know yet: Three well known games have been made completely free to download and play.

With the remastered version of Starcraft on the way, the original has now been made free to play. Especially if you’ve never played the game before and were waiting for the remaster, I would strongly advise to download and play it as Blizzard has stated that the gameplay and controls will stay unchanged in the upcoming remastered version. So don’t hesitate and start playing it ASAP if you want a leg up on the competition. (But don’t hope to have any chance against any of the Korean pro’s, as judging by their Actions Per Minute I guess they’ve had a sixth finger surgically attached to each hand)
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This brings back memories

Syberia 2
Syberia 3 has finally arrived and to advertise this you can now get the 2nd one for free for a limited time only. Many gamers hold the first two games in high regard. It’s an atmospheric puzzler that puts you in the cold Siberian winterlands and sets you on a journey to find the last of the mammoths. Play this one on a cold night with a warm cup of cocoa
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Syberia 2

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
We all know the Witcher franchise by now, but many of us have never player the original. This concerns the Enhanced Edition which has better load times (80% faster), better localisation, new NPC models and even new story content. So brew some potions, chug them back like you’re a German at Oktoberfest and download the game now (valid until 27/4)
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Geralt approves!

(Read this too late? Contact me on twitter, as I have a spare code to give away : )

For owners of the original game on PC: you can update to the Enchanced Edition for free (no time limit)


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