Dead Rising 4 Is A Sales Flop; Way Under Capcom’s Expectations

Dead Rising 4 is the latest video game bomb with the game selling well below expectations. Dead Rising 4 did not even hit 1 million in sales, while expectations for the game by now was to have sold 2 million copies. It’s one of the biggest bombs for Capcom, and leaves doubt whether there will be another Dead Rising game in the future.

It’s also very possible that Capcom will no longer allow Xbox One exclusivity for Dead Rising if they continue the series, as that was another obvious effect on the sales figures. Dead Rising 3 was a major success for Capcom and Microsoft in 2013 with the game launching at the same time as the Xbox One which caused the game to have a big attach rate for the Xbox One. It’s also quite embarrassing for Capcom and Microsoft as Dead Rising 3 outsold Dead Rising 4 with much less people owning an Xbox One in 2013/early 2014.

It’s not all doom and gloom yet however for Dead Rising 4 as it will be a timed exclusive rather than full exclusive like Dead Rising 3 so there’s still the future PS4 sales to come. It does make you wonder, how does a game do so well then the next do so poor? Could it be because the developers changed so much and put off more of their fanbase than bringing in new fans? I’d say that’s likely.

I’m sorry to throw a little bit of my personal thoughts into this right away, but I’m a huge fan of the series but disliked everything about Dead Rising 4. This story should be a warning to all developers to not treat your fanbase like Capcom┬áVancouver did in the build up to the release. Treating your fans like they are idiots while ditching everything the franchise was popular to appease a causal fanbase is not a good way to get sales. Dead Rising 4 being the proof of that.

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