Has The Gaming Industry Lost It’s Way?

We love games, we love the consoles, the computers, the titles and the software. From Nintendo to Sony, we can’t get enough of the latest games to hit the market. But it is starting to feel as though the gaming industry has lost its way a little. While the tech advancements are still incredibly impressive and the graphics are never anything short of amazing the experiences have become somewhat hit and miss. To figure out what we’re talking about we need to go back to the late eighties when arcades were all the rage.

Back To The Future


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Back in the eighties and nineties if you wanted to play video games, you’d probably hit up an arcade rather than loading up your primitive home console. You can read about the best arcade games on http://www.techradar.com/. Arguably, arcades delivered a more exciting experience compared to the games of today and still do. First of all, rather than a controller you might sit in a racing seat or fire at a gun at the screen. Despite the inferior graphics, it was far more exhilarating. If you’re creating the ultimate game room and looking for game room ideas, you probably won’t be filling it with consoles. You’ll want at least one arcade. While the latest consoles are impressive, they somehow don’t compare to the old experience. For one thing, arcades were finished titles.

Rise Of The DLCs


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Think back over the last few years, and you’ve probably bought at least one game that wasn’t fully finished. That’s because we’re living in the age of season passes, of pre-orders and of half complete titles. Everyone from Ubisoft to EA has been accused of releasing games that were not fully ready for the market. In some cases, this is to make sure that they hit the promised release date. In others, it’s because they know they can release the rest of the game as a DLC and charge close to the same amount as the first product for it. It’s costing gamers a fortune, and while others are happy to pay the price, some are definitely annoyed. Just take a look at Jeremy Jahns views on https://www.youtube.com/.

Development Hell And Long Delays


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The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy are just some of the titles that have faced their fair amount of time in development hell. It seems it’s becoming more common for games to be announced years before they are actually ready for the market. Footage is shown, and the game takes so long to release it misses the original console it was aimed at. As such, development has to begin again from scratch.

It’s clear we’re getting fewer games too. Just look at the GTA franchise. On the PS2 there were three full games released. On the PS3 there were only two with endless amounts of DLC. And on the PS4 it seems GTA V will be the only title which is actually a port from the PS3. This would be understandable if Rockstar was working on other games. However, thus far the only tease of another title has been Read Dead, and that doesn’t even have a release date.

It definitely seems as though some of the best parts of gaming has been lost over the years. While there are still incredible titles and experiences on the market, a lot of developers are now falling noticeably short.


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  1. While it’s true the big titles seem to have longer development cycles, I don’t notice less games being released each year. There are some many releasing each year, it’s impossible to play (finish) them all. and that’s without taking the hundreds of indie games into account.

  2. We (30 somethings) are also blessed having been born when gaming was just in it’s development stage. we got to play every generation of games as they came out. Kids born now would have an impossible amount of games to “catch up” with :p

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