If you’ve always wanted to wield Thor’s hammer and unleash some destruction, then this is the game for you

The Percy Jackson books were probably my first introduction to the world of ancient mythology. And boy, did I eat it up. There’s something about the idea of a bunch of supernatural beings who are all somehow connected and whose lives are extremely messed up that I can’t get enough of. I was maybe 13 when all this started, and since then I’ve been consuming mythology books like crazy.

And eventually I went from Greek mythology to Norse mythology: it was only a matter of time. The wild, naturalistic, destructive pull of the Nordic cosmos were too much to resist. I think by now everyone on the face of this planet has some idea of what I’m talking about: Thor and a giant hammer called Mjölnir which can crack out thunder, the wise Odin, Loki the trickster, and the fierce warrior Freya.

Marvel has a lot to do with why Norse mythology is almost common knowledge nowadays. But, honestly, the Marvel films are a little too PG for me. Let’s not forget, Marvel Studios is owned by Disney Studios. Norse mythology is about guts and glory, surviving the harshness of life and decimating all opposing forces. Happy endings don’t really feature anywhere in that equation.

Norse mythology sounds like the perfect setting for a game, am I right? Imagine how excited I was to find out that I could actually be a part of the Norse mythological realm by playing some off the chains games.  No, not Skyrim. That’s just partially inspired by Nordic life. I’m talking about the Viking Conquest expansion pack from Mount and Blade, and the RPG The Banner Saga. An entire fantasy realm based on Nordic gods, creatures, weapons and storylines. The word ‘epic’ doesn’t even cover it. These are the kinds of games that can get me hooked for days on end – the immersive gameplay is just amazing.

It gets even better…

It’s true that I occasionally like a spin on the reels, even if it’s just for pure fun. You can do that without even spending a dime, you know – it’s called free play mode. Slots can be a great way of passing the time and taking a breather after a stressful day.

But today, my friends, is a great day indeed. Someone has come up with the brilliant idea of combining slot games with Norse mythology, to create the most exciting slot I have ever come across. Seriously, I’m not kidding here. There’s a new slot called Viking Runecraft just out recently which is potentially the most complex slot I’ve ever tried. I think I love it as much as Viking Conquest and The Banner Saga.

There’s everything I would ever want out of a Nordic mythology inspired slot. Epic gods Thor, Odin, Freya, Heimdall in all their detailed graphic glory (I’m not being sarcastic, this slot game has some real design chops going on). There’s something cool called a ‘Meter of Destruction’. But, above and beyond all the other things, it has so many special features. And all the special features are clearly related to a specific part of Nordic mythology. You have the Fury of Fenrir (a huge wolf, who happens to be Loki’s kid), the Judgment of Jörmungandr (a huge serpent, also Loki’s kid), the ‘Runes of Valhalla’ round and even something called the Ragnarök bonus round!

For those of you who perhaps aren’t as well-versed in Norse mythology as myself: Valhalla is considered to be the afterlife of the Nordic religion (calling all Mad Max fans). Ragnarök is basically their version of the apocalypse, the end of the cosmic cycle of life. In fact, during the slot gameplay the ‘Meter of Destruction’ becomes the ‘End of the World’ meter. Viking Runecraft doesn’t toe the PG line like some Marvel slots do, it goes all out Norse style.

Other things which make me super excited for this slot? For one, it doesn’t have any fixed paylines. It’s an innovative cascading slot. For another, it has levels! Proper game levels, each represented by a different god. Each god comes with their own gift which they can randomly bestow upon you during a spin. My sense of game acquisition really kicks in here.

The combination of all these features makes this one highly volatile slot. But I think this high-risk gameplay is perfectly matched for the nail-biting setting of the slot. A god stands to the right, to the left the Meter of Destruction, and in the background towering ominous mountains. Nothing spells ‘Norse mythology’ better than that.

Sure, there are other Nordic themed slots out there. But I’ve yet to find one which is as detailed, well researched and just plain exciting as Viking Runecraft. It hits all the right notes for me, but I leave it up to you to make your own decision. Even though I’m confident you’ll agree with me.

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