PlayStation Plus June 2017 Predictions

PlayStation Plus over the past few months has been offering a better mix of AAA and indie games then we have seen in awhile. In February we got LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not A Hero on PS4 while in March we got Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam. April took a step back but still offered the brand new first party title Drawn to Death that got a lot of mixed reviews while in May you get the awesome Tales from the Borderlands and great indie titles like Abzu and Alienation. As the May lineup has been announced it’s time to start thinking about what games we might see free on PS4 in the June lineup so here are our predictions.

1. Bound


Bound is yet another game that was handled by the external team at Sony Santa Monica who worked with Plastic to help create it. It’s an interesting platformer with a great visual style that I feel many passed on last Summer when it released. The game seems like the perfect fit for PlayStation Plus and not only is it a great PS4 game but it also has PlayStation VR support. The game really works well in VR and many PlayStation Plus members have been asking for a free PSVR game so why not give one that both PS4 and PSVR owners can play.

2. God of War 3 Remastered


Another possible title we could see in June is the God of War 3 Remaster Sony released on PS4 a couple years ago. Sony has put a first party title in the PS4 plus lineup several months now this year and this could very well be the next one. E3 is coming up in June and we will most likely get our next look at the upcoming God of War for PS4 so including the best recent iteration in the Plus lineup is a good way to build hype.

3. Salt and Sanctuary


Salt and Sanctuary is another one of those popular indie games that PlayStation will probably want to expose to more people. The game was part of the PlayStation Store Launch Party lineup last Spring along with five other games. Three of those games have now been free on Plus over the past few months. The game is also Cross-Buy on Vita/PS4 and we know how Sony likes to include those type of titles on PlayStation Plus. I think Sony will keep with this trend and offer Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios for free. If you don’t know about the game it’s basically like a 2D Dark Souls like game. If you’re a fan of those type of games then you’ll love Salt and Sanctuary and if you want to know more about it you can read the review I did of it last year here.

4. Unravel


One of the more anticipated indie games of last year was Unravel which EA actually published. Unravel is a beautiful platformer starring the adorable Yarny that so many people fell in love with when it was announced at E3 2015. While the game didn’t turn out to be a masterpiece it still tells a pretty great story across it’s various levels as you guide Yarny along his journey. It was certainly one of the best looking games of last year and one I think many gamers still haven’t played. It will be up to EA whether this gets in the lineup but I think it makes sense and has a good chance.

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  1. Thats some good PS Plus Predictions for next month i would love to play Salt And Sanctuary from this list

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