NiOh Patch 1.07 Out Now. Here’s What It Does

Tonight Koei Tecmo has released the NiOh Patch 1.07 which you can download now on the PlayStation Network on PS4. The patch weighs in at 6.313 GB and brings quite a bit of new content. First it adds new female transformation skins along with the new 1v1 and 2v2 online PvP modes.

The update also recalculates levels of current players and introduces a new cap, new titles, two new guardian spirits, new gestures, new skills and new items.

It also preps for the new Dragon of the North DLC pack that is releasing tomorrow on the US and EU PlayStation Stores.

Are you looking forward to the new content in NiOh? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anyone experience big drop in performance after 1.07? I was in a new area, The Defiled Castle. Once I got to the area near the boss, with all the scaffolding, the frames really dropped. Thought the game had switched me from Action Mode to one of the others, but no. Never been here before 1.07, so it may have been a problem area all along? All other areas of the game have been a pretty solid 60fps. Playing on the standard PS4.

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