Slot Games Vs Arcade Games – An Overview

Because of the innovations in the technology, there are new gaming consoles available for the players to engage in the favourite games these days. We will look at how the slot games have transformed in the recent years and have largely influenced the arcade game’s category.

What are Arcade and Slot Games?

The arcade games are simply coin operated or bill generated games, which can be played on popular gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, high-end smartphones or tablets. However, slot games, on the other hand, are quite different in terms of the layout and design. All the slot games at offline casinos are coin operated and at the online casinos like Mr Mobi Casino, the slot games are operated by different coin sizes. A player needs to choose the betting coin size and place his/her stakes on the slot machine and if the symbols on the reels match, there will be rewards credited to the player’s account.

Difference between Arcade and Slot Games

  • Arcade games have complicated gameplay, difficult levels. The main aim of arcade games is not to provide lucrative rewards as their main aim is to make the players engaged in the games. The classic examples of arcade games are the video games such as Mario, Contra and a lot of others. On the other hand, slot machines are a set of games that offer handy cash awards and it deals with real money wins. For instance, if you bet for £100 and win x10 multipliers, then your total rewards equal £1,000. This is the prime difference between an arcade and slot game.
  • In slot games, you have bonus features, multipliers and bonus games available as and when you spin the reels. However, the arcade games purely are meant for entertainment purpose and the tasks in arcade games are always unfinished with zero cash awards.

Transformation of Arcade Games from Video Games to Xbox and Smartphones

The arcade games when first introduced were targeted only to the video game lovers and they were a sensational gaming console in the period of 1990s. However, now, the things have changed completely as users now can play their favourite arcade games on gaming machines such as Xbox, smartphones, and tablets. After the new gaming consoles were innovated, the gaming experience has enriched and is allowing the players to have interactive gaming sessions on the consoles.

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