How Augmented Reality Is Changing The Face Of Brands

Potential Growth of Augmented Reality Casinos

The reason so many gamblers prefer playing casino games and betting online is because it is so easy and convenient to do –but it does mean that the enjoyable atmosphere of a land-based casino has to be foregone. However, augmented reality may well be changing this fact very soon, allowing you to enjoy a far more lifelike experience when playing real money casino games online. It is set to keep hold of all the benefits of internet-based casinos while removing the main disadvantage.

AR Set to Revolutionise the World of Gambling

While the companies at the forefront of augmented reality online gambling do face big challenges, like creating the software required, and the hardware that is able to deliver the experience, it is obvious that it is certainly set to revolutionise the world of internet gambling.

Historically, casinos have spent vast amounts of money building structures designed to entice and entertain gamblers and their families. The Bellagio, for example, just one of these incredible destinations, is proud to offer a visual feast along with an incredible gambling experience. The casinos that base themselves online have not been able to take advantage of this kind of resource, and have tried to fill the gap by presenting players with promotions, bonuses and special offers instead, like the extras that the mobile casinos Canada currently have available, for example. This is all set to change thanks to augmented reality, online casinos will finally be able to add this kind of attraction to the list of those they already hold for so many.

What AR Technology Means for Joe Average

As the name suggests, augmented reality adds real sensory inputs that enhances online gambling by making use of key pieces of digital online info. It could be thought of as the 3D movie experience on steroids: specially equipped eyewear produces virtual imagery and sounds to simulate a real-life casino experience. Sitting at home, on your couch, for example, you would be able to enjoy the simulation of the dealer handing out your cards, the sight and sounds of a slot machine win, and, essentially, all of the other happenings which regularly occur in the brick-and-mortar places to play every day.

How AR Technology Works

The technology is so real that players actually forget that they are simply sitting at home, or wherever they happen to be when they enjoy online casino games. Virtual images and video are overlaid on what is already in your field of view, and so affect the surroundings you find yourself in.

You do not even have to purchase loads of special equipment to experience augmented reality either – your smartphone or tablet will do the job too. For example, as you turn your head from left to right, you will be able to see a totally new reality than the one you would without using your device, with speakers enhancing everything with complimentary sounds added to your field of vision, and a microphone built into the app in order to enable you to find the information you may require, or perform actions as they are required.

Augmented reality has already proven itself in games like Pokemon Go, and it looks set to change the online casino industry for the better too.

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