Rumor: Microsoft Has The Exclusive Marketing Rights For The Next Assassin’s Creed Game

Take this as a rumor along with speculation, but it’s very possible that Microsoft has worked out a deal with Ubisoft to have the exclusive marketing rights for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed title which is rumored to be called Origins. We posted a story earlier about the new Xbox interface, and something caught our attention when looking at the GIF.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (A 2015 title) is being shown as recently used rather than using a much more recent and console exclusive Xbox title like Gears Of War 4 or Halo Wars 2. It was strange to see but we thought nothing further about it until industry insider Shinobi602 confirmed that Microsoft has the exclusive marketing rights for a major unannounced AAA game but didn’t mention the actual game.

So looking back at this GIF, doesn’t it seem obvious now that Syndicate was showcased rather than an Xbox title or any title released in the last year. If it’s true, that means it’s very likely that Xbox One/Scorpio will be getting DLC first also.

While we are not confirming anything (neither did Shinobi602), it looks likely that Microsoft and Ubisoft are working together on marketing for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. It’s also not the first time that deals between the two companies have been struck, as Microsoft had timed DLC content for The Division which released last year.


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  1. For me this exclusive things are useless but if the other platform wont have it then its good but i believe this just early for xbox players and the others are getting it later

  2. Well none of the AC games having marketing deals with Sony and MS this gen none of them had early DLC with the respective console

    • Exactly. Having a marketing deal doesn’t always mean you’ll get DLC early. Sony had marketing for Battlefront and BF2 and neither had or have said anything about exclusive content. Sometimes all you get is to put your console at the end of a commercial.

      • Thats all they really need. When casuals go in to the store to buy a certain game and get a console seeing a boxed deal with console/game for one price seals the deal.

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