Five Things That Make You A Real Gamer

Five Things That Make You A Real Gamer

There’s a lot of speculation about what truly does make you a real gamer, and is something that many people either agree or disagree about. Not everyone even knows what makes you a real gamer. So here are five things that (I think) make you a real gamer.

1) Always Saving Your Game More Than Once

This is one of the many things that gamers find themselves guilty of. We always find ourselves pressing that ‘Save’ button more than once. Whether it’s so we know it has saved. Or whether it is because we think it makes our save immune to becoming corrupt. It is just one of those things that we all find ourselves guilty of doing, and so it is something that I feel that makes us ‘a real gamer’

2) Giving Up Sleep for Games

When it comes to the decision of sleep or games, the games take priority for most people. Everyone has been guilty of doing it, whether you had school or work the next day, we have all ended up suffering because of the few extra hours of gaming we wanted to do the night before. So can you really call yourself ‘a real gamer’ if you’ve never made this sacrifice yourself?

3) You Are A Fan Of All Types Of Games

There are many types of games that are out there to play. You have adventure, shooter, sports, fighting and many more types of games. But there’s another known type of games which are rapidly spreading – casino based games, or in particular, slots gaming. On the PS4, it’s rare to find them but there is Four Kings Casino and Slots which is very popular. Slot games in general are becoming more and more popular over the last few years. Playing slots yourself? Test to see if you are a real slots enthusiast.

4) When You Buy DLC for A Game You Said You Wouldn’t

Buying DLC is something that everyone is concerned about doing. This is because most of the time people aren’t sure whether they will be getting their value for money. Or because they don’t enjoy the game enough to purchase extra content for it. However, everyone has purchased DLC for a game which they said they wouldn’t do previously.

5) Always Wanting Better Graphics

Better graphics is always something that ‘real gamers’ want. Gamers are always looking and hoping that games look the best they possibly can with the equipment they have. Developers always make sure that they can produce a game with the best possible graphics they can, and gamers always make sure that they have the best possible equipment to make use of this. If you’re always looking for better graphics out of a game, I think that shows you are ‘a real gamer.’

You may agree or disagree with those statements. However, they are what I believe make you ‘a real gamer’.  Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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