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Black & White: Bushido is a new mostly multiplayer arena brawler from the team over at Good Catch Games. The most striking feature about the game is the monochromatic visual style that it uses not just to look cool but also to build its entire central gameplay mechanic around.

black & white bushido

Upon starting the game up you get a pretty cool intro video showing off some of the characters fighting each other. I miss games of old having cool intro videos so this was much appreciated by myself. From the main menu you can select to play online, offline, or mess with the settings. If you’re just starting out you can pick the offline option to play against bots to get used to the controls. Black & White: Bushido is entirely just like its name with both characters and stages using only black and white colors. The whole idea is you pick to either play a light or shadow character and then you can blend into the parts of the map that are the same color as you. If you are a shadow character you’ll blend into the dark areas of the map and stick out in the light areas. You want to try and blend in as much as possible to get the jump on your enemies. You can’t get too comfortable though as each map shifts the light and shadows around over the course of the match.

There are seven different maps in all with each one having nice varied layouts to challenge you to adapt how you play. If you are playing offline there are three different modes you can play. There is a challenge mode you can play that tasks you with fighting AI bots while trying to capture flags. In this game one hit kills your opponent so fighting off the bots isn’t too hard but they can kill you just as easily if you aren’t careful. It also gives you three different challenges to complete that if you manage to do wipes out all enemies on the map and then gives you three more to do. I didn’t play this mode very long as it was only fun to me for a about ten minutes. Outside of that you can play against bots by yourself in two other modes which are Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Deathmatch you just set the number of kills to earn and first one to reach it wins. Capture the Flag has you chasing a red flag around the map and trying to hold the triangle button to capture it before your enemies do. Capturing it then causes more of the arena to become your color giving you an advantage. Outside of this there isn’t much else to do for solo players so if you don’t have friends to play with this might not be the game for you.

black & white bushido

You can play these same two modes locally with friends and that is where the game becomes more fun. I played with two other people and had a lot of fun with the game chasing each other around and killing each other. Items that appear on the map can also be uses such as shurikens which can be throw to get a kill if they hit, smoke bombs which let you tag an area and then teleport to said area with the press of the button again and caltrops which can be laid down on the ground to slow enemies down making them easier to kill. There is also a clash system in place where if you and an opponent hit each other at the same time you’ll both be shot backwards kind of like something you would see in Dragon Ball which funny enough even has a trophy that references it. The game also has an online option offering you to play the same two modes but with others online. I however was unable to test this for the review as I could never find anyone online to play with. There is a find room option but every time I clicked on it no players showed up. Much like many other games like this it might struggle to build an online community but I would imagine if you can find anyone it should be just as fun as the local multiplayer is.

black & white bushido

So while the game is a lot of fun playing multiplayer there isn’t a whole lot else here to keep your attention. There are a handful of trophies including a Platinum which you could probably earn in around thirty minutes so if you like trophy hunting this game is for you. I would have liked to see some modes included for both single player and to play with friends to make this a better package.

Overall Black & White: Bushido stands out for its visual style and cool hiding gameplay mechanic but the lack of modes and almost current none existent online player base will limit the audience for this game. If you however are looking for a fun new local multiplayer game to play with friends I highly recommend it.

*Review Code Provided by the Publisher. Reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro

Black & White: Bushido





  • Fun Game to Play with Friends Both Locally & Online
  • Nice Selection of Maps to Play On
  • Great Monochromatic Visuals that Tie Into Central Game Mechanic


  • Not Much Here for Solo Players
  • Only Two Multiplayer Modes
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  1. graphically it’s like a mix between Path of the Ninja & Super Meat Boy 🙂 I dig it!

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