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Of all the different kinds of games available on the PlayStation 4 I don’t think there are really any actual Puzzle games. When I say puzzle games I don’t mean games like The Witness but actual puzzle games where you have your pieces and you have to put them all together to form the picture. Thanks to developer Kingdom Games and Publisher 70 Times 7 however PlayStation 4 owners who may have been wanting something like this now can pick up Puzzle Showdown 4K. I can say when I was a young kid I enjoyed putting puzzles together and Puzzle Showdown 4K is a nice reminder of that time.

puzzle showdown 4k

The game is all about either putting puzzles together by yourself or with friends in local multiplayer. Whatever way you choose to play there are a huge amount of puzzles included for you to pick from with over 100 in total. When you want to pick one to play you can choose to scroll through them all or pick them from the categories they are divided up into. These include things like Animals, Art, Nature, People, Wacky and many more. When you decide which one you want to put together you then can set some options such as how many pieces you want the puzzle to be divided up into. This ranges from as little as 28 all the way up to 510 pieces. I like this as you may only be in the mood to jump in and put a few quick puzzles together or you may want to sit down and see who can put a huge puzzle together first.

puzzle showdown 4k

Other options you can pick from include turning scoring on or off or rotation on or off. Rotation on means you will have the turn the puzzle piece to maybe get it where it needs to go where having the option off will have the puzzle piece in the correct position already. Background allows you to show the image you are putting together, show just the puzzle outline or turn it off completely for a greater challenge. You can also set a certain kind of music to play in the background such as Classical, Acoustic, Electronic or have it set to all to have the game pick. There is several hours of music included in the game so you won’t get bored listening to the same thing over and over while you work on the puzzle. If you need to go do something else you can even save your spot on the puzzle you are putting together and come back to it later so long as you don’t start a new one.

Multiplayer in the game supports up to four players locally should you want to play with family or friends. You have all the same options here that you did when playing solo but now you can either compete against others for a higher score or just sit back and relax while putting a puzzle together with others. Each player is given only a few puzzle pieces at a time to work with so you want to try and place them where they go quick to get a better score. Besides the Multiplayer there is a Showcase on the main menu as well that lets you just use the game as a screensaver basically as it cycles between the different puzzle images and plays music. Other than that there isn’t much else in this game. If you like trophies there are 17 of them including a Platinum and all of them are fairly easy and fast to obtain. Visually the images in the game looked sharp and crisp running in 4K on my PlayStation 4 Pro.

puzzle showdown 4k

Puzzle Showdown 4K won’t disappoint those who enjoy putting puzzles together as it is packed with plenty of them and options to vary them up. For those who don’t like puzzles there really is no point for you to pick this game up though. It’s a relaxing game to wind down to and kill some time but it can also bring some nice competition if you play it with family or friends.

*Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Puzzle Showdown 4K





  • Huge Amount of Puzzles to Play
  • Sharp Crisp Visuals
  • Several Hours of Music to Listen to While You Play
  • Great Local Multiplayer


  • Probably Not for Non Puzzle Game Fans
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