Top 5 Games to Look Forward to in June 2017

May is gone and we had some great games come out last month but it’s time to look towards the future in our The Top 5 Games To Look Forward to in June 2017 List. If you aren’t quite sure what games you might want to consider picking up in this new month our five picks below might catch your attention. Check them out and be sure to let us know in the comments if you plan on getting any of them.

5. Dirt 4 – Release Date: June 6

dirt 4

Racing game fans looking for something new to play? Codemasters has just the thing with the arrival of DiRT 4 finally. The game boasts over 50 vehicles with the ability to race through millions of routes across five locations that you can create using the new Your Stage feature. RaceNet also returns with new and improved features.

4. WipEout: Omega Collection – Release Date: June 6


PlayStation fans have been asking for years for a new WipEout game and Sony has finally come up with something to please them. The WipEout: Omega Collection isn’t a new entry but it is a remastered bundle of WipEout HD and WipEout HD: Fury from the PS3 and WipEout 2048 from the PS Vita. The game is going to look even better on the PS4 Pro and for $40 you are getting a lot of content here. You can race in single player or multiplayer both locally and online. I personally can’t wait to play these anti-gravity racers again.

3. Nex Machina – Release Date: June 20

nex machina

One of my favorite indie developers are the folks over at Finnish developer Housemarque. They have made some of the best arcade shooters over the last several years with games such as Dead Nation, Resogun, Super Stardust HD and Alienation. Now their next game Nex Machina is hitting the PS4 and PC in June and I couldn’t be more excited. The game promises to be another top notch arcade shooter and Housemarque even worked with Eugene Jarvis to make it. It doesn’t hurt that the game looks and sounds so good as well. If you are a fan of any of their past games this is a must buy for sure.

2. Tekken 7 – Release Date: June 2

tekken 7

It’s been quite a long time Tekken fans but the next mainline entry in the Tekken franchise is finally arriving on consoles in June. The King of the Iron Fist Tournament is about to kick off with new gameplay mechanics, new and old fighters and tons of ways to customize your character. The game looks great running on the Unreal Engine 4 on current gen consoles and reviews of the game have been great. Fighting game fans need to strongly consider this one.

1. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

crash bandicoot

Yet another classic is returning at the very end of June as Crash Bandicoot is making his return to PlayStation. The original three Crash games are getting remastered from the ground up for the PS4 and from what we’ve seen it looks very impressive. This isn’t some minor remaster like we’ve seen over and over this generation as the games look far better than they ever did and improvements have been made to the the gameplay itself. The game even comes at a fantastic price costing only $40. Hopefully this game does well so that we may see Crash in a new adventure one day.


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  1. I’m looking forward to Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Tekken 7 for this month maybe Dirt 4

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