ThisGenGaming Product Review Section Goes Live Tomorrow – Here’s A List Of Companies Working With Us For Product Reviews

Tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day as our product review section will go live, and that will include many features and articles too. You can expect articles such as buying guides which will include “Top 5 Gaming Headsets To Buy In 2017” for example.

Now the question that many have been wondering, what products will we be reviewing for this new product review section on the site. We are going to review as much as possible, and this will include headsets, chairs, controllers, speakers, and much more. We are also not going to just review gaming based products/tech, we are going to be reviewing pretty much every kind of tech you can imagine! You can find below the full list of companies who are working with us for product reviews so far. As the section grows, you can expect even more names to be added to this list in the upcoming months.

DXRacer – DXRacer is one of the leading brands for gaming chairs, and boasts a long list of different chair series to choose from. We will be reviewing one of their “Iron Series” gaming chairs.

PDP  – PDP has a great selection of licensed gaming products that includes The Legend Of Zelda, Titanfall, Gears Of War, and Mass Effect. We will be reviewing a selection of their Nintendo Switch accessories and writing up a feature about one of their figure brands called “Pixel Pals”

Scuf Gaming – Scuf Gaming is one of the most well known custom controller companies in the world, and have a massive selection of custom PS4/Xbox One controllers that can also be used for PC too. We will be reviewing their Scuf Infinity 4PS controller.

Klipsch – Klipsch is not a gaming based company, but they do offer some incredible speaker systems that are going to be fun to review. As we said at the start, it’s not going to be all gaming based products that we review. We will be reviewing Klipsch’s “The Three” Tabletop Speaker System

AKRacing  – AKRacing is another well known gaming chair company, and has a huge fan following in Europe. We will be reviewing their Overture chair.

Arozzi – Arozzi not only sells gaming chairs, but they also sell gaming desks too! We will be reviewing their Arena Pure Black Gaming Desk.

Speedlink  – Speedlink have many different gaming products for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles as well as PC accessories. We will be reviewing a selection of their products including their racing wheel, headset and more!

KontrolFreek – KontrolFreek are one of the biggest gaming accessory brands in the world, and are famous for their amazing thumbsticks. We are going to review a wide range of their products including thumbsticks and grips.

Clutch Chairz   – Clutch Chairz are the final gaming chair company on this list, they are a newer company but are making a major impact with licensed chair deals with the WWE. We will be reviewing Shift Series gaming chair.

LucidSound – LucidSound are well known for their gaming headset range. We will be reviewing the LS30 headphones.

That is the complete list of reviews and companies for now. We are still in discussions with many others, so expect this list to double or maybe even triple after a few weeks. There’s multiple companies who have confirmed they want to work with us on reviews, but we are just going over the final details or waiting for the delivery of products.

Make sure you check out the product review section on ThisGenGaming which will go live tomorrow!


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  1. looking forward to these!

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