Phantom Dust Remaster Patch Notes Revealed

The remastered version of Phantom Dust has been patched for the first time, and the developers have revealed what has been changed in their patch notes. You can find the full list below.

Update 1.1 Notes

Feature Additions:

  • Windows 10 Keyboard/Mouse Remapping and Customization – Added the ability to customize the keyboard and mouse controls
  • Windows 10 Display Options – A number of display customizations were added
    • Additional Resolution Options
    • Full Screen Toggle in Menu (Alt + Enter still works as well)
    • V-sync
  • Loading Screen Hold – Gives the option to delay proceeding from the loading screen into gameplay on button press. This allows players to see the tips and text on loading screens
  • Ping Gauge – An indicator in multiplayer lobbies showing the latency of each player
  • High Resolution Skill Previews – Skill previews in Arsenal edit mode are higher resolution


  • Fixed a bug on PC where the title fails to launch when the default audio playback device is set to sample above 48,000hz
  • Fixed a UI bug where “Gravity Mine” duration is not shown in its description text
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where a user cannot create a new game session as prompted after failing to join a lobby via Quick Match
  • Fixed a UI bug where the title appears to crash to the Xbox Home screen when launching the title with no signed in user and dismissing the sign-in prompts
  • Fixed a Scenario Mode bug where skipping the “And Now to the Future” mission did not show final cinematics or credits
  • Fixed a multiplayer matchmaking bug where the title crashes to the Xbox Home screen following a local network disconnect while searching for an online match
  • Fixed a controller bug where the title stops responding to input after controller disconnect while no user is signed in
  • Fixed a multiplayer matchmaking bug where users fail to join a lobby through OptiMatch when the session list is left open and the number of users in that lobby changes
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players in a suspended state remain in the lobby after a game session ends which prevents new players from joining
  • Fixed a multiplayer matchmaking bug where lobbies set to Private become public after one person joins
  • Additional bug fixes

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