Tekken 7 Bugs, Glitches Errors & Issues List; “The Connection To The Opponent Has Been Lost” Fixes

Tekken 7 has been having a lot of online issues at launch, and players from all consoles and PC have confirmed that they are having issues with the game. We are going to create a list of known issues, and add fixes when we find them. If you are having any issues with the game please let us know in the comments section below. Please also let us know if you are having issues with the game that are not mentioned here.

List Of Tekken 7 Bugs, Glitches Errors & Issues

  • The Connection To The Opponent Has Been Lost
  • Unable To Connect To Host Or Session
  • Unable To Join

We will keep updating this list as we find more information.

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  1. There’s no audio with Xbox one DVR with recordings al

  2. Story mode broken for me

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